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Conference + anything else I (we) have for anything we don't have

My brother and I are looking to trade for any orange/rare items we don't have. Also a level fifty respasser, or Rubi, sionce our playthrough "2.5" didnt seem to want to cooperate with us.

We have;

Level 50

Peppy Gunerang

Scalable Conference Call (fire)

Longbow Pandemic

Longbow Bonus Package

Flame of the Firehawk

Slow Hand (Slag)

Gromky Mooshka

Rough Rider

All Slayer of Terramorphous class mods

Lvl 48 Sham, 36 Legendary Soldier, 36 Logans Gun, 30 Impaler, 27 Pandemic, 24 White Death, 23 Legendary Hunter, 22 Basic Deliverence, 16 Baby Maker, 13 Explosive Nasty Surprise.

Plus a ton of other Purple level fifty class mods and guns

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