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This being a forum/blog which Fry either has no time for or chooses not to write. rather than firing him (tempops can be fired). i will write this for him as an example.

to prevent the endless additions of "the warrior drops this" to each and every weapon title page the friar suggests the elimination of the section altogether. use of the random template in the introduction paragraph shall do for all the information needed to find a weapon. this will reduce the incessant "warrior" additions to the title pages.

  • the warrior drops anything and only has an increased chance for 1 or 2 items so it is not necessary to include on each title page
  • the action proposed in this forum/blog has already been taken. it is the purpose of this forum/blog to provide, after the fact, a place to discuss the proposal as if protocol had been followed as indicated by policy
Fryguysigwob endorses this message.


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