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Hello Borderlands Forums, I was wondering if anyone has found a new way of duel duping -or- any other method of duplication that doesn't require you to Alt+F4/Dashboard. While the Alt-F4 method is still effective, and is nice for duping a lot of items at once, it seems that Duel Duping has been patched.

For those that don't know, in BL2 you could duplicate up to 4 items at a time by trading with a friend, then selecting the duel option once the target items were added. the owner of the items would then equip/unequip the items, which would allow them to be dropped. The second player would defeat the owner in a duel, giving the second player a copy of the weapons, while the owner could pick up the originals off the ground. This was generally more convenient and quick than Alt+F4.

So basically, is there a quicker method of duping than Alt+F4? I am playing Borderlands on pc now, so it's not as inconvenient as on Xbox, as load times are considerably faster, but it's still annoying that hosts can't dupe and I thought this might help Xbox/Playstation players as well. W4R Loader #0431 (talk) 14:54, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

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