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I found this easteregg in the caustic caverns. Like most people do I was wondering around jumping to my destination. when i see something weird looking off to the side. I go there and there is a wall made out of minecraft blocks. You have to meele to get in but once you do you kill a coupple of creepers and finally a badass one then you get a special head and skin for your charecter.

Where it is: Its on your way to the cart in the caustic caverns where you have to push the cart to the compresser. You dont need the quest to do this. Before you get to cart take the right bridge. Go the rocks and turn right again. Fall down so that your behind or on the blocks of eridium and turn left. It should be clear that youve made it because of the brown blocks in the back of the wall. You can also see it from the right bridge if you jump to get a better idea of where it is. The head you get for killing the badass creeper turns your head into a block. Hope you enjoy the egg and the head that comes along with it. littlemanSMG (talk) 00:41, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

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