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Alright, so... I've been using the Gibbed Save Editor for BorderLands2... Not a real big surprise, I like being OP... now, I tried to make a gun and a shield for the game, at level 125. I made my character level 130. For some reason, maybe because i FAR exceeded the level cap for the game, it won't let me equip either of these items. If anyone has advice on how to get around this, or anything helpful, that'd be awesome. I'd prefer to keep this weapon and shield (shield has about 4 billion points to it) if at all possible.


The reason for that is the game (assuming you are playing online/patched version of the game) will automatically fix your level down to first legitimately obtainable level (50 for vanilla/61 for UVHM package) upon loading the character in-game. The game does not fix the displayed level (ie. lvl 125, or lvl 500, or lvl 1000, etc.) however. This type of modding was patched a long time ago, so that is the reason your modded character can't equip those items. The items stay at lvl 125, but your character, though appearing to be higher in level, is actually a much lower level. Also, I highly doubt the wiki (at least this one) is the place to troubleshoot your problems about mods and modding. Try any modding site (there are many) and you'll get better support/fixes. I hope I have helped you in this regard and you continue to enjoy the game, though without causing grievances to other players. Sakuretsu115 (talk) 20:37, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

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