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TL;DR: Does a Good Touch or other Moxxi-signed weapon's health-leeching qualities disable other forms of health regeneration?

So I just witnessed something rather odd. My lady friend and I are hunting Mad Dog for a new Baby Maker, when she decides to take a moment out of combat. She's pretty near death, so she pops on her Nurse mod (with team health regen). A minute passes by before we realize: she's totally not regenerating health. She tries swapping it out for another mod and back again, she tries taking it off altogether. Still nothing. Finally, she swaps weapons: success. Before her health is completely restored, she cycles back through her weapons, and... ta-da: the Good Touch disables the Nurse's health regen.

Reproductions are valued, thoughts are appreciated. 01:42, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

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