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So here's what happened, me and my friend were getting the achievement where you need to do all the achievments in the armory, we had two missions left, 1. The final questline mission, and 2. It's Like Christmas, somehow, it completed the Christmas mission over the questline one and we could not turn in the questline one, as the armory blew up.

Current situation: We have the last questline mission to turn in

WE NEED to get into the armory to turn in the last mission.

We cannot get into the armory legitly

I do not have Willow, don't ask

We require someone with a pea shooter to get us over the walls of the armory to turn in the mission (if this is possible) or someone who is willing to let us boost them through play thru 1 and get them to the last mission.


GT: Killing Fwenzy

I can dupe a modded shotgun which can accomplish the same effect as the the peashooter. I do not, however, have the skill yet to use it to get you over the walls; I was attempting the exact same thing yesterday (because I already completed the quests) without any luck. Send me a message so I can give you a copy (GT Skeve613). Best of luck to you and your friend. BTW, how exactly did you even have the Christmas mission available when you have to complete the main quest before it? Skeve 17:50, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Same thing happened to my friend last night, i joined his game, having only the "its like Christmas!" quest uncompleted, and for some reason it also gave him that quest as i joined. Then when we get to his armory assault mission, it completes "its like christmas" and doesnt let him gain the "loot larceny" quest after armory assault. I willowtreed my armory assault and loot larceny quests then played through them with my friend, problem sorted :). Its annoying bug or glitch that people can gain your quests if your ahead of them in the main storyline. I hope they find a way to sort it soon. II FunKy II

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