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Have some Legendaries for trade/dupe

I have a few Legendaries i am willing to trade or dupe, heres a list of what i have available 

  • Practicable Conference Call
  • Practicable Conference Call (Corrosive)
  • Social Conference Call (Shock)
  • Scalable Conference Call (Fire)
  • Purging Infinity (Shock)
  • Patriots Infinity (Corrosive)
  • Burning Infinity (Fire)
  • Unending Infinity
  • Severe Shredifier
  • Punitory Norfleet (Fire)
  • Brisk Baby Maker
  • Barking Volcano (Fire)
  • Deep Veruc
  • Cartel Pitchfork (Corrosive)
  • Dastardly Maggie
  • Rightsizing Yellow Jacket (Shock)

Class Mods
  • Legendary Soldier
  • Legendary Hunter
  • Slayer Of Terramorphous (Assassin)
  • Slayer Of Terramorphous (Siren)

  • Alkaline The Bee
  • The Bee (+36761)
  • The Bee (+40855)
  • The Rough Rider

Grenade Mods
  • Lobbed Bonus Package

  • Blood Of Terramorphous

Xbox Live Gamertag is: Twitchayyy

Add or Pm me on Xbox when ever, make sure you have mic or tell me over pm on what you want

Happy Hunting :)

Twitchayyy (talk) 07:00, January 29, 2013 (UTC)

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