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Evening fellow wiki users - I'm currently doing a spot of modding and save editing on Borderlands 1 on the PS3 (late to the party, I know. Game is a classic though!). 

So far I've basically constructed the best legitimate guns I can at level 69 for the sake of trying them all out. Over the last few days I've started experimenting with different prefixes and titles, such as a Distant Harpoon Vladof Machine Gun, for accuracy and bullet velocity. I'm having some great fun with this, however there's a couple of things I haven't been able to pull off, which I'd like to.

-First, the game deletes any scopeless snipers from my inventory upon loading the game up. I'm aware this has been the case since update 1.3 or something around that. It's a shame, because I'd love a semi automatic Torgue sniper without a scope, like a hunting rifle. Anyway, I was wondering if it's at all possible anymore.

-The other thing is skins. I used to see a few hacked guns which were purple and blue or something similar, which looked fantastic. I'm wondering if it's easy or possible to make guns in my choice of colour, flourescent lime green for example. I'm also wondering if I could make a Vladof Machine Gun (Glorious Havoc for example), but with the material from the Chopper, Stalker or Clipper (it's deleted any efforts I've made so far in willowtree). I don't care so much about stats, just something to make my gun look a little more unique, like a gun that looks like the Chopper but functions like a normal Machine Gun.

-Lastly, I'm curious as to how easy it is to create completely custom names and red text (like making my own legendary from scratch). I had seen a few others do so on the wiki when creating their own legendary guns, so I'd like to try it myself.

So far, I've only been using Willowtree and Gearcalc, though I'm told the Hex Editor is useful too. I'd be very grateful to anyone who can help me on any of these points, as I'm a bit of a novice. I've done a few searches, but nothing I've found has answered the questions I've asked above. Thanks very much to anyone who can help me on this.

Lbpomg95 (talk) 17:04, January 29, 2015 (UTC)

I am sorry I can't help, but Grimmjow might. You should talk to him. On a somewhat sidenote, i would like to start modding Borderlands myself. I have completed all DLCs with all characters and got them all to 69, and the game's run out of things to do. I have absolutely no knowledge on modding, and I'd like to ask: Where do I start?  Epicpoke (talk) 14:31, January 30, 2015 (UTC)

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