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The mission "Home Movies" shows up in my mission tab under the heading "Broken", and I can't choose it. I'm fairly positive that it is supposed to be done in Opportunity, and I'm afraid I may have broken it by cutting down the statues in a previous mission. Has this happened to anyone else?

I don't think its broken since I was able to complete it, it is done in Opportunity. It involves finding some items marked on the map, lures and a beacon which will be marked on the map where you have to place them in order to complete that step in the mission. Its completely separate from from the statues mission. There is a quest that involves getting two clans to go to war with each other, one part of the chain where you have to chose which clan will win by killing the clan head and his minions is bugged. You may not be able to kill the clan head since the health will be close to zero but he'll keep fighting the the opposing clan members. If you leave the area (fast travel) to another location then fast travel back then you should be able to complete the mission. - Spacedone

I can't activate the "Home Movies" mission, in order to see the waypoints, because it says "Broken" :( Apparently, I have already killed 5/5 Engineers, but somehow skipped the Surveyor Lures... Drinfernoo (talk) 18:05, September 27, 2012 (UTC)

I worked out the reason for this. Basically Lilith gives you the mission, and you're past the point where *something happens* to make it impossible to hand in to her. It should become available again at the end of the game. 19:36, September 29, 2012 (UTC)

I suppose that makes sense :P Drinfernoo (talk) 16:25, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

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