All you have to do is use a flash drive. Plug it into the ps3, go to the saved data utility, and copy your game data to the flash drive. Make sure that you wait a bit before unplugging the flash drive because if it's still in use when you unplug it, then your data wiill be ruined.
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To transfer files from your PS3 to PC, plug in a USB flash/thumb drive into any USB port on your PS3, navigate to the Save Data Utility then to the desired Borderlands Character Game Data icon, hit triangle, and 'copy' to USB drive. After copy has completed, unplug USB drive, take it to your PC, plug it in, navigate to Save Data file, copy to PC. -- MeMadeIt 18:59, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

A program like USB XTAF can be used to Extract your file from the USB to your PC, which makes it readable in WillowTree; simply copying it from USB to PC without using something like XTAF does not. When finished, use XTAF to delete your original on the USB, then Inject your new file from your PC (which makes it readable on your PS3 versus simply copying it sans XTAF). The same process applies if you are transferring from a 360.  Dr Hax headshot  Skeve613ask Dr. Hax  18:07, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

Not true! The latest version of WT supports PS3. I just did this between a PS3 and PC as I described above. Geez, I would not have posted the directions without testing it! I successfully imported new weapons and bumped up money for the tested character. XTAF may be required for 360 but it's not for PS3. -- MeMadeIt 02:06, June 19, 2010 (UTC)

Confirmed! Edited another character file using directions as I described above with no other software required. Insert USB drive into PS3, use Save Data Utility to copy desired Save File to UCB drive, disconnect USB drive and insert into PC, copy Save File to working directory on PC, make edits using WT as with any PC file, copy Save File back to USB drive, disconnect USB drive and insert into PS3, use Save Data Utility to delete original Save File, navigate to USB device, copy edited Save File, launch Borderlands, select edited character and play. -- MeMadeIt 20:36, June 19, 2010 (UTC)

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