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Edit- So... Found the conversation on the talk page- Hadn't seen the little blurb on the actual page about weighting since it had been added. That's annoying, but good to know.


Honest question. Is anyone else noticing a frustrating tendency on the part of the token system to give you a selection of everything you're not hoping to boost? Obviously it doesn't read minds, so I would like to know if it's weighted somehow against the stats you've already increased.

It's frustrating. My hope was to drop a token into the elemental boosts each time they were available. I did so. Every time an elemental stat was selectable, I selected it. (It may not be the best stat, but please don't lecture me, I have dreams of finding a new Hellfire analog, but that's not the point) I'm now at ~7,000 points (and whatever number of tokens that would correspond to) with about a 6.0-6.4% boost for both. When elemental boosts were not available, my hope was to boost stats like gun damage, accuracy, critical, that sort of thing, in a specific order, and my plan was that if one got waaaay ahead and the bonuses weren't worth it, I'd probably even the rest out some.

But I didn't get the chance.

Without exaggerating, I would guess to the best of my ability that I'm seeing an elemental boost (and remember, there are two of them) every six tokens at best, when unweighted chance would suggest better than one in three odds.

My stats:

Gun Acc.

Gun Dmg. 6.8
Fire Rate 6.4
Shield Rec. Rate 6.4
Elem. Damage 6.4
Elem. Chance 6.0
Reload Speed 6.0
Shield Rec. Delay -6.0
Grenade Dmg. 6.0
Crit Dmg. 5.6
Recoil Red. 4.3
Shield Cap. 4.3
Max Health 4.3
Melee 0

Realize that every token that is not in the elemental stats means that I did not see the elemental stats that round. #$%# it, I've got seven other stats that are at or above the elemental ones, and the rest are within a few tokens!

If the system is weighted, fine, I guess. I can get by, boosts are still cool. But I don't understand how that's true customization.

So is there a built-in slant here, or am I really that unlucky?

00Average (talk) 04:24, October 2, 2012 (UTC)

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