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I was having trouble keeping track of where I was in Borderlands, so I cobbled together lists of what seemed important at the time.  Some info comes from the game, some from this wiki, some I may have hallucinated.  I thought others might find the lists slightly useful.  I loaded the list here which I'm pretty sure is exactly the wrong place for it -- should be under my user page except that's where the load put it and the Help:Moving_pages page wasn't helpful (no rename option under edit).  Bugger!  Heck of a start for me, cluttering up the wiki.  I'm planning on adding missions and mission flow to the document.  If others could check my scribblings and let me know of corrections, I guess just post corrections and comments here.  For the curious and nosy, the document source is LaTeX.

TheLoneJanitor (talk) -- "Hey kid, you done with that bottle?" 04:37, November 30, 2015 (UTC)

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