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Action Skill


Rapidly strikes all enemies in the immediate radius with a 10 second combo. Cooldown is 40 seconds.

Skill trees

Kent has three skill trees. Virtue, Swordsman, and strategist.


Focuses on healing and cooperation. The only thing more dangerous than one vault hunter is several.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Will 1 5 Increases maximum hp by 6% per level.
Credibility 1 5 Increases the maximum hp and damage of nearby allies by 2% per level.
Heroics 2 5 +7% damage resistance per level when an ally is in "Fight for your life."
Sacrifice 2 5 +3% ally speed and damage per level while you are in "Fight for your life."
Restore 3 1 Releases a healing nova at the start of "Flurry." Healing nova heals you as well.
Redistribute 4 5 When your shields are depleted, 4% of your total shields per level is replenished to nearby allies. Once used, the shield must fully recharge before this can be used again.
Meditation 4 1 If your health isn't at full capacity, you regain .5% of your health per second at the cost of .2% shields per second. Must have shields up to work.
Determination 4 5 Completing a successful "Fight for your life" causes you to release an explosive nova. The power increases per level.
Loyalty 5 5 you can revive others 6% faster and they can revive you 3% faster per level.
Courage 5 5 +2% damage resistance per level. Double that if you're shield is depleted.
Honor 6 1 Increases "fight for your life" duration by 25%. If you fail, Allies recieve 50% bonus damage, 75% bonus speed, and 33% reload speed for 60 seconds.


Being a modern Samarai, Kent is a very adept swordsman. This tree focuses on sword and ability skills to ensure that in a melee fight, you will wind up on top.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Sharpened blade 1 5 Increases melee damage by 6% per level.
Follow up 1 5 Gun kills increase melee damage by 2% per level for 10 seconds. Stacks 5 times.
Thorn 2 5 Increases spike damage from the relevant shields by 8% per level while equiped.
Combo 2 5 Increases "Flurry" duration by 8% per level.
Burning blade 3 1 Melee attacks have a 15% chance to set enemies on fire dealing burn damage.
Shatter 3 1 Melee attacks deal 8% extra damage to shields per level.
Warrior's grace 4 5 Melee kills restore 2% of your Hp per level.
Suspension 4 1 Activating "Flurry" Throws enemies in midair and freezes them in time.
Warrior's calm 4 5

+6% accuracy and -6% recoil per level when shields are depleted. Allies recieve +1% accuracy and -1% recoil per level when thier shields are depleted.

Preparation 5 5 Reduces "Flurry" Cooldown time by 5% per level.
Unending blaze 6 1 Kills with "Flurry" cause fires novas to be released from the victims. Additionally, you release one at the end of "Flurry".


Focuses on rewarding players for clever postioning and strategy as well as manipulating status effects to grant bonuses.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Flank 1 5 +8% damage per level when hitting enemies from behind.
Good shot 1 5 Increases crtitical hit damage by 7% per level.
Transfer 2 5 Increases speed by 8% per level while taking shock damage.
Purge 2 5 Increases fire damage chance by 3% per level while taking fire damage.
Refine 2 5 Increases fire rate by 8% per level while taking corrosive damage.
Inclined 3 1 Increases weapon perks including but not limited to X% reduced recoil and fires X% faster by an extra 15%.
First shot 4 5 Grants "First shot" bonus. "First shot" gives +20% damage per level. However, after firing once, "First shot" goes away and doesn't reset until 15 seconds of not being in a fight.
Stealthy 4 1 While crouching, you will not be detected unless in a plain line of sight (In front of them) or if they already see you.
Superior strategy 5 5 After going for 30 seconds without taking a hit, you gain the "Strategist" bonus improving speed, firing speed, firing accuracy, damage, critical damage, and damage resistance by 2% per level. Getting hit will cause you to lose this bonus until it regenerates.
Pincer 5 5 If an enemy is roughly between you and an ally, it will take +5% damage per level from all sources.
Pandemic 6 1 Enemies who have status effects caused by you have a 5% every second to spread it to a nearby ally. Additionally, if they are killed by the status effect, they have a 15% chance of releasing a nova of that element.

Echo communications




When joining.

When intering "Fight for your life."

When reviving an ally.

When being revived.

Critical kill

Throwing a grenade

Killing a Badass

When recovering (Kill revive.)

When Deus Ex Machina is activated

Using Thanatos

Kill streak

Kills with Thanatos

Critical hits

When spotting a Badass

When ramming enemies while driving

Hitting another player while driving

Issuing a challenge

Looking at a map

Spotting items

When waiting

Leveling up


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