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I'm looking for 2 Level 61 Vengeful Infinity Pistols, a skookum hawkeye, and a skookum cobra for me and my husband.

seraph: practicable interfacer 61, restructuring interfacer 61, tumtum hawkeye 61, gentle retcher corrosive 61

pearlescent: vengeful stalker corrosive 61, fwap tunuska explosive 61, unending stalker fire incendiary 61, attack bearcat explosive 61, reactive butcher 61, refill avenger slag 60, social butcher slag 60

legendary: monstrous volcano 61, auditing invader corrosive 61, hyiu skullsmasher, straight shootin' maggie 61, gromky white death shock 61, contingent longbow (incendiary) 61, sticky lobbed bonus package 61, akurate slagga slag 61, longbow bonus package 61, deep a nukem (explosive) 61, corporate bitch 60, gentle deliverance 60, sticky lobbed bouncing bonny slag 60, unending infinity 59

unique: monstrous pimpernel shock 61, barking pimpernel incendiary 61, captain scarlett's sand hawk 61 PrincessVoss (Talk)‎ 2013-06-18T06:12:56‎

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