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I'm looking for all of the Legendary class mods (Legendary Hunter,Legendary Siren, Legendary Mechromancer) except for the Legendary Berserker and the Legendary Commando.

I have quite a fair collection of Legendaries and for each class mod I will trade eight weapons from this list.

I have a (All are LV. 50):

The following are not legendary, but I feel that they should be mentioned (All are still LV. 50).

  • Trespasser – Sniper, Bullets bypass shields.
  • Law – Revolver, +100% melee damage.
  • Order – Shield, Melee damage dealt with Law is returned as health.
  • 12 Pounder – Rocket Launcher, 350,000 damage, fires a cannon ball which bounces once on ground/walls.
  • Love Thumper – Roid Shield, +24,000 melee damage, melee attacks deal additional explosive damage to an enemy and nearby enemies.
  • Rubberized Breath of Terramorphous – Grenade Mod, bounces, explodes with fire damage and deals additional damage with flame spout in a random pattern.

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