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Here's what i can trade/dupe: (All lvl 61)

Assault Rifles:

Scout Bearcat

Feral Bearcat

Attack Bearcat (Fire and non-elemental)

Fast Bulets Sawbar

Nassty Sawbar

Akurate Sawbar

Severe Shredifier (Shock)

Plump Kerblaster

Akurate Madhous


Loaded Maggie

Tactical Hornet

Dubble Gub (Corrosive)

Perma-Sharp Gunerang (fire)

Jam Packed Gunerang (Shock)

Bowie Unforgiven

Surfeit Thunderball Fists

Resolute Stalker

Unending Stalker

Purging Stalker

Vengeful Stalker

Hard Unkempt Harold

Double Penatrating Unkempt Harold

Rocket Launchers

gaa dunk ga Tunguska


Basic Deliverance (Fire and slag)

Swiss Deliverance

Sledge's Shotgun

Scalable Butcher

Practicable Butcher (Shock)

Potential Butcher (Fire)

Restructing Butcher (Slag) 

Sub-Machine Guns

Perma-sharp Avenger

Akurate Slagga 

Brisk Baby Maker

Rightsizing Bitch

Sniper Rifles

Operational Invader (Shock)

Venture Invader (Fire)

Klook Skullmasher

Hyiu Skullmasher 

Gentleman's Storm

Class Mods

Legendary Beserker Class Mod

Legendary Pyscho class mod

Grenade Mods

Incendiary Fastball

Lobbed Bonus Package

Rolling Thunder

Rubberized Pandemic

Homming Fire Bee

Sticky Homing Bouncing Bonny

Slag Nasty Surprise


The Bee

The Transformer

Inflamable Flame of the Firehawk

Unique Items

Order shield

Sand Hawk


Feculent Chulainn

Incendiary Greed

Venture Morningstar

Rustler's Triquetra

Corrosive Stinkpot

Rappid Roaster



Kawaii Killer (Maya)

Superduperfly (Salvador)

Space Knight (Axton)

Marshall Mustache (Slavador)

Metal Blood (Mechro)

Til Death Do Us Part (Maya)

The Baron (Salvador)

Rasta-nefarious (Salvador)


Ninja Rose (Maya)

All seeing eye (Maya)

Frozen Wrath (Maya)

Azure Wave (Maya)

Dark Focus (Maya)

To the Rescue (Maya)

Wrath (Maya)

Also Looking for (Please only lvl 61)




If you are interested just send me a message on xbox

My Gamertag is offic3rh0tpants (The "o" in hotpants is actually a zero)

Thanks In advance!


After looking through your available items for trade, I noticed that you have the Gearbox skins for

the Siren and Gunzerker. I don't know about the other skins, but I DO know that the Gearbox skins

are unavailable to the public and are only accessible by Gearbox employees or people who have

modded them into the game. Unless you are a Gearbox employee, you shouldn't have access to those

skins. That also puts into question all of your other gear. Is everything legit, and you just happen to have

gotten those skins from someone (from randoms online or from friends); or did you mod them yourself?

If the latter is true, then what's to say the rest of your gear isn't modded, or referred to as constructed.

Please make sure from now on that all of the gear you offer for trade can be legitimately obtained

in game, and do not offer things that can't be attained without modding the game. Sakuretsu115 (talk) 18:39, May 4, 2013 (UTC)


All of the items posted on here i actually spent time farming for and trading with other players. the 2 gearbox skins i have were duped from someone i traded with. None of my items are/have been modded  


Regardless of where you got the Gearbox skins, unless you are an employee of Gearbox, you should not be in

possession of them... ever. Those skins were hacked into the game with whatever means and no one should

be circulating mods. This goes for ANY modded item (so-called black rarity weapons that are all over Youtube or

the ERROR MESSAGE). Anyone who gives or tells you otherwise is either lying or ignorant of the fact. This is not

the Borderlands hacks and mods wiki, this is merely the Borderlands wiki. If you truly wish to circulate your mods,

then please by all means do so - at an appropriate website. Not here. I can't speak for the entire wiki, but I would

like to keep up an image of professionalism of the wiki. This wiki is a database, a reservoir of information; not a

place to distribute mods and hacks. Please do some research next time before offering something that is not

legitimately obtainable in-game. Please do not argue this further. Those Gearbox skins you have are hacked. End

of story. Period. Sakuretsu115 (talk) 23:56, May 4, 2013 (UTC)


Fair enough. i deleted the posts but just for future reference, is there any sort of rule that prohibits distributing mods/modded items?

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