I have many Legendaries available for trade/givaway. Currently I am building a collection of every Legendary, Seraph, and Pearlescent weapon out there and I have a LOT of spares to trade for ones I don't have. Message me at: "the matrix fish" for information and to set up a time we can trade. Also as a side note, I may not be in the mood or nessicarily want to trade with people always, so you may have to wait for a better time...

Legendaries Available

Here's A list of what I have and don't have:


– X= I DO NOT have it

– Y= I do have it

– Z= I Have it, but would like a different one


Anshin Shield (Adaptive) Neogenator X
Bandit Assault Rifle Madhous! X
Bandit Class Mod Legendary Berserker Y
Bandit Class Mod Legendary Psycho Y
Bandit Class Mod Slayer of Terramorphous (Gunzerker) Y
Bandit Repeater Pistol Gub Z
Bandit Rocket Launcher Badaboom X
Bandit Shield (Roid) Hide of Terramorphous Y
Bandit Submachine Gun Slagga Y
Bandit Shotgun Sledge's Shotgun X
Dahl Assault Rifle Veruc Y
Dahl Class Mod Legendary Soldier Y
Dahl Class Mod Slayer of Terramorphous (Commando) Y
Dahl Grenade Mod Bouncing Bonny Z
Dahl Repeater Pistol Hornet Y
Dahl Shield (Booster) Whisky Tango Foxtrot Z
Dahl Sniper Rifle Pitchfork Y
Dahl Submachine Gun Emperor Z
Eridian Relic Blood of Terramorphous Y
Hyperion Class Mod Legendary Mechromancer Y
Hyperion Shield (Amplify) The Bee Y
Hyperion Grenade Mod Nasty Surprise X
Hyperion Grenade Mod Quasar X
Hyperion Repeater Pistol Logan's Gun X
Hyperion Shotgun Conference Call Y
Hyperion Sniper Rifle Invader X
Hyperion Sniper Rifle Longbow Y
Hyperion Submachine Gun Bitch Y
Jakobs Assault Rifle Hammer Buster Y
Jakobs Class Mod Legendary Hunter Y
Jakobs Class Mod Slayer of Terramorphous (Assassin) Y
Jakobs Pistol Maggie Y
Jakobs Shotgun Striker X
Jakobs Sniper Rifle Skullmasher X
Maliwan Class Mod Legendary Siren Y
Maliwan Class Mod Slayer of Terramorphous (Mechromancer) X
Maliwan Class Mod Slayer of Terramorphous (Siren) Y
Maliwan Grenade Mod Leech X
Maliwan Repeater Pistol Thunderball Fists Y
Maliwan Rocket Launcher Norfleet Y
Maliwan Rocket Launcher Pyrophobia X
Maliwan Shield (Elemental Nova) Flame of the Firehawk Y
Maliwan Shield (Elemental Nova) Black Hole Z
Maliwan Shield (Elemental Spike) Impaler Y
Maliwan Sniper Rifle Volcano Z
Maliwan Submachine Gun HellFire Y
Pangolin Shield (Turtle) Fabled Tortoise X
Tediore Grenade Mod Fastball Y
Tediore Repeater Pistol Gunerang X
Tediore Rocket Launcher Bunny X
Tediore Shield (Explosive Nova) The Cradle X
Tediore Shotgun Deliverance X
Tediore Submachine Gun Baby Maker Y
Torgue Assault Rifle KerBlaster Y
Torgue Assault Rifle Ogre X
Torgue Grenade Mod Bonus Package Y
Torgue Grenade Mod Rolling Thunder Y
Torgue Pistol Unkempt Harold Y
Torgue Rocket Launcher Nukem Y
Torgue Shotgun Flakker Y
Vladof Shield (Absorb) The Sham Y
Vladof Shield (Absorb) The Transformer X
Vladof Assault Rifle Shredifier X
Vladof Grenade Mod Fire Bee X
Vladof Grenade Mod Pandemic Y
Vladof Grenade Mod Storm Front Y
Vladof Repeater Pistol Infinity Y
Vladof Rocket Launcher Mongol X
Vladof Sniper Rifle Lyuda X
Vladof Sniper Rifle White Death Y

I am also looking for Pearlescent and Seraph weapons too.

Wild Card Item (WCI)

What's a Wild Card Item you say? A WCI is an item that I would like to have so much that I will give a LUDICROUSLY high price for. But there's a catch: It must be exactly the way I want it.

Example, So say I want a: Lv 55 Elegant Thunderball Fists, with a Lazer Attachment and a Hyperion Hologram Sight, then I want it exactly like that! Not a single thing can be forgotten, so check up on what you're gun has on it.

Wild Card Item(s): 

  • Lv 55 Lucid Florintine with an other than iron-sight
  • Lv 55 Antagonist with a Very low recharge delay and a capacity over 50,000


  1. I will not trade for hacked, modded, or, in ANY WAY, legitamatly unatainable (<-----That means I can't get it without the help of mods) items. They are too much of a burden and will not accept any item of the sort.
  2. Any items level 61 will also not be accepted. They are just to hard to use considering you would need to get a level 61 character to use them. 
  3. Lastly, please try to make the guns look cool, if you think you're gonna trade me a plain-iron-sighted-vanilla-infinity think again.

Final Notes

  • Just because I have an item marked on the list that's marked that I have it does not mean I will not accept a new one. considering that there are 7 types of Thunderball Fists and even more attachment types, I'm MORE than happy to look at and trade for a "Elegant Thunderball Fists" to replace my "Eviserating Thunderball Fists". Just MAKE SURE to message me before you get your hopes up.
  • I have the Pirate Booty, Big Game Hunt, Campaign of Carnage, Ultimate Vault Hunter, and Assault on Dragon Keep DLC's so don't worry about incompatibilities.
  • I most likely have a range of levels for any legendary you want, so if you want a certain legendary, of say, level 20, I probably have one.

I have the baddaboom, sledges shotgun, logans gun, many conference calls, fabled tortoise, deliverance, shredifier, and lyuda.(All at Level 50 except 2 the baddaboom and logans gun). If you want to trade message me at jmac1500.

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