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Xbox 360 For about an hour I will be dupeing my whole inv. you have to be in sanctuary and invite me to a game. Not a friend request or message just a game invite. My gt is r2deeprhroat757. It's spelled rhroat not throat. I will be doings first come first serve. Here is a list of all I will be dupeing: all level 50 Master gee rocket launcher Social conference call (fire) Skookum skulls masher Practicable conference call (shock) Analytical bitch Restructuring conference call melee Deft emperor Evisceration thunder ball fists melee Rapid infinity Murduring slagga Practicable conference call (corrosive) Pertinent nor fleet (corrosive) Reactive conference call (slag) Refill baby make (fire) Quik drawler badaboom Brisk baby maker Blood of terramorphous relic Legendary soldier class mod Sticky homing bonus package Stick homing bouncing Bonny Rubberized fire leech Corrosive nasty surprise Homing fire bee Homing breath of terra. Alkaline hide of terra. Alkaline the bee Black hole

If you want you can follow me on twitter I post if I will do more sessions you can also ask me questions on there.

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