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Hi everyone, I wanted to update the community on what happened regarding our css colors. Appart from them being binded to css, so centralized and easily update-able, the fact that they are now binded to a class makes them "link-compatible". What does this mean? In a word, this.

Raw Code Template equivalent Gives
<span class="rarity-blue">[[Bone Shredder]]</span> {{rarity link|Blue|Bone Shredder}}
{{rarity|Blue|[[Bone Shredder]]}}
Bone Shredder

You'll notice that:

  1. The link is blue
  2. The undercolor is ALSO blue (!)

Didn't we have this before?

Yes and no. While we could color our links, we had to use a tedious process of creating a link who's "target text was actually the correct color". That and the underline was not correctly colored:

Raw Code Template Equivalent Used to give Comment
<span style="color:blue">[[Bone Shredder]]</span> {{rarity link|Blue|Bone Shredder}} Bone Shredder Hum, that doesn't work...
[[Bone Shredder|<span style="color:blue">Bone Shredder</span>]] [[Bone Shredder|{{rarity|Blue|Bone Shredder}}]] Bone Shredder I think I'm going to puke at that syntax

What this means for you

As a reader, it will mean a better surfing experience, and the classes could even help text-to-speach. As an editor, not much directly, since there was already a convenient access to templates. The only thing we need to change are those hideous [[orange|{{rarity|orange}}]], which are now broken. They should be called "Legendary" anyways. They can be replaced either with {{rarity link|Legendary}} (recommended) or {{rarity |Legendary|[[Legendary]]}} (less recommended, but works, kinda).

happypal (talk • contribs) 14:08, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

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