Hey, there. As the title says, I'd like a Lvl 50 Shreddifier with no element. I don't care what the damage or other stats are. I don't have much I can trade, though I do have some decent purple weapons, and/or Sledge's Shotgun. Please note I'll be duping everything if I do trade with someone. My loot includes:

Vladof Rabid Shredifier - 6069 damage / shock elemental / mag size 74

Sledge's Shotgun - 5878x12 / mag size 22

The Bee - 18029 cap / +49761 amp

Hide of Terramorphous - 34040 cap / +40747 roid / 103489 nova / 25241 spike

Turtle Shield / 72983 cap / -10854 health

Jakobs Muckamuck sniper - 31300 damage / 2.6 fire rate

Jakobs Rustler's Quad shotgun - 7894x20 damage / mag size 5

If any of this interests you, please contact me via PSN

My PSN is lbpomg95. 11:07, November 1, 2012 (UTC)

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