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Infinity Needed

The following are my trade offers:

-Rapid Badaboom; LVL 50 Orange Bandit Rocket Launcher

-Banbury Volcano; LVL 50 Orange Maliwan Sniper

-The Bee; LVL 50 Orange Hyperion Shield

-Blood of Terramorphous; LVL 50 Orange Eridian Relic

-Bowie Maggy; LVL 50 Orange Jakobs Pistol

-Wild Kerrblaster; LVL 48 Orange Torgue Assault Rifle

Rubberized Bonus Package; LVL 48 Orange Torgue Grenade

I am only looking for LVL 50 Infinity. I am willing to trade 2 legendaries if it has an element and great stats. I am also willing to negotiate a trade for a LVL 50 Conference Call, I also need that. My Gamertag is xXSoulOfMugenXx     

These offers will be available for a few hours, after that I will just continue my own farming.

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