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Looking for Legendary Soldier, Mechromancer mods.

XBL handle: noir cest noir

Hello! Looking for Legendary Soldier and Mechromancer mods, as well as a few others listed at the bottom of the post.

I have the following items for dupe/trade:

Sniper Rifles:

Lvl50 Britva White Death

Lvl50 Skookum Skullmasher

Lvl50 Operational Pitchfork (Shock)

Lvl50 Pacifying Pitchfork (Fire)

Lvl50 Gentleman's Volcano (17516 dmg, 97.1 accuracy, +120% critical hit damage)

Lvl49 Resource Invader (Slag)

Lvl48 Skorry White Death (Corrosive)

Lvl47 Resource Invader (Corrosive)

Rocket Launchers:

Lvl50 Bonus Bunny

Lvl49 Paraquat Hive

Lvl48 Roket Pawket Badaboom

Lvl47 Speedee Badaboom


Lvl50 Analytical Bitch (Corrosive)

Lvl50 Cutting Edge Bitch

Lvl50 Ballanced Slagga

Lvl49 Consummate Hellfire


Lvl50 Practicable Conference Call (5788 x 7)

Lvl50 Restructuring Conference Call (5301 x 5, Corrosive)

Lvl50 Potential Conference Call (4814 x 5, Fire)

Lvl50 Reactive Conference Call (5626 x 5, Slag)

Lvl50 Sledge's Shotgun

Lvl50 Casual Flakker (x7)

Class Mods:

Lvl50 Slayer of Terramorphous Class Mods (all classes, +8K HP)

Lvl50 Legendary Hunter Class Mod

Lvl50 Legendary Siren Class Mod

Lvl50 Legendary Berserker Class Mod

Grenade Mods:

Lvl50 Lobbed Bonus Package

Lvl50 Lobbed Breath of Terramorphous

Lvl50 Longbow Fire Leech (0 fuse). ***Also, a ton of Lvl50 Leech grenades in every element and most mods, including Longbow, Homing, Lobbed, etc.*** If you want a certain kind of Leech, just ask and I may have it.

Lvl48 Longbow Storm Front


Lvl50 Blood of Terramorphous


Lvl50 Neogenator

Lvl50 Hide of Terramorphous

Lvl50 The Sham

Lvl50 The Cradle

Lvl50 The Bee

Lvl50 Impaler


Lvl50 Earnest Logan's Gun

Assault Rifles:

Lvl50 Swift Shredifier

Character Heads:

Rasta-Nefarious (Gunzerker, Henry Drop)

Digitized Death (Mechromancer, BNK3R Drop)

I also have every quest item in level 50 in some form for the base game and the DLC (lvl50 Creamer, Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker, Fibber, Rapier, Greed, Triquetra, etc.)--just ask to get details on the stats.

Looking for:

Space Knight head (BNK3R Drop)

Raz0r head (Zer0, Henry Drop)

Legendary Mechromancer class mod

Legendary Soldier class mod


Just send me a message at 'noir cest noir' on XBL.

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