Forums: Index > Item trading XBox 360 > Looking for Lvl. 61 to dupe.. Have plenty of 50, 55 &57 legendary's to trade or dupe.

Looking for Any lvl. 61 legendries to dupe... I have plenty of lvl. 50, 55, 57 legendries to trade or dupe..

GT: DeadWrong24

H: (lvl 48-50) 4x Fire and (lvl 48-50) 2x Non-Elemental Baby Maker and (lvl 48-50) 2x Non Infinity

W: (lvl 50-55) Electric Baby Maker/Infinity pistol or Bee Shield

GT: The Knightmares

I have a lvl. 50 Bee Shield, Conference Call & infinity, and 2 infinities lvl. 61. Also 2 legendary Torgues non infinity lvl 50. Just looking for a good lvl. 50-56 weapon.


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