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Hey guys im looking for some items. Here's what i have for trade/dupe: (This is an old list and i have recieved many of these weapons in different variants/elements. Just ask for which element you want)

All lvl 50

Assault Rifles

-Feral Veruc

-Taktikal Madhous

-Deadshot Hammer Buster 

-Rabid Shredifier (Shock)

-Swift Shredifier 

-Rhythmic Kerblaster 


-Purging Infinity

-Thunderball Fists 

-Hard Unkempt Harold

-Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold 

-Two Fer Maggie

-Twin Hornet

-Maximized Logan's Gun

-Clean Gunerang

-Baynaneted Gub

Rocket Launchers

-Deep a Nukem

-Bonus Bunny

-Plenteous Pyrophobia

-Rugged Mongol

-Prudential Norfleet

-Snyper Badaboom


-Texas Striker

-Bad Touch Flakker

-Reactive CC

-Sledge's Shotgun

-New and Improved Deliverance


-Lucid Hellfire 

-Cuting Slagga

-Cutting Edge Bitch

-Proactive Bitch (Corrosive)

-Stopping Emperor 

-Guaranteed Baby Maker

Sniper Rifles

-Rarez White Death (Corrosive)

-Gromky White Death (Slag)

-Auditing Invader

-Cartel Pitchfork (Corrosive)

-Suppressive Pitchfork

-Night Pitchfork (Fire)

-Monstrous Volcano

-Dandy Volcano

-Thermogenic Longbow

-Venture Longbow

-Skookum Skullmasher


-Grounded The Bee (Shock)


-The Transformer

-Grounded Whisky Tango Foxtrot 


-Fabled Tortoise

-Hide of Terramorphous

-The Sham (94%)

-Black Hole

Grenade Mods

-Sticky Homing Bonus Package

-Bouncing Bonny 

-Nasty Surprise

-Longbow Electric Leech

-Sticky Longbow Quasar

-Rolling Thunder

Class Mods

-Slayer of Terra (Gunzerker, Assassin, and Commando)

-Legendary Berserker Mod

-Legendary Assassin Mod

-Legendary Soldier Mod

-Legendary Siren Mod


-Blood of Terra

Other Notable Loot 

-Neutralizing Dahlminator

-Breath of Terra

-Blood of the Seraphs

-Proficiency Relic (+35% Cooldown Rate)

-Stockpile Relic (+64% SMG & Sniper Max ammo, +4 Max grenade count)

-Thrusting Pocket Rocket

-Expansive Hail

-gaa dunk ga 12 Pounder

-Tiny Tina's Boom Puppy

-Sunny Blockhead

-Hurty Jolly Roger



-fwap a Creamer

-Till death do us part head for maya

-Metal Blood head for gaige

-Rasta-nefarious head for salvador

And Here's What Im looking For: (Only lvl 50 please)


-Fire Bee

-Kawaii Killer Head for Maya

-A better Fabled Tortoise

Message me on XBL if you are interested.

GT: offic3rh0tpants (The "o" in hotpants is actually a zero)

Thanks in advance!

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