Forums: Index > Item trading XBox 360 > Looking for a level 50 The Bee on Xbox.

Hi, I've been looking for The Bee for quite a while now. I spent 2 hours killing Hellquist repeatedly looking for it and could not get it. I have quite a lot of good loot with some level 50 siren class mods in my safe. I will be on tommorow so send me a message tommorow to trade. My GT is sup bro U MAD. Much appreciated if you trade with me.

Hey i have a level 50 bee, but sadly only one so i can dupe it with you if that is fine. Since i dont want to screw your GT up mine is Pavilonn so friend me, ill be on tonight. Also i have the level 50 legendary siren mod if you want that too. The man himself... Pavilonn (talk) 14:53, October 6, 2012 (UTC)

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