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im looking for: (all level 50)

Purple Rarity Dahl Carbine (non-elemental)

Invader Sniper Rifle

Dahl Predator skin for Commando

Volcano Sniper Rifle

Purple Incindiary Rakehell

OFFERING  (all Level 50 unless stated otherwise) FOR DUPE:

2 Conference Calls, Practicable & restructuring (no elementals, sorry)

2 Bitches, Social & Analytical (1 Incindiary, 1 non-elemental, respectivly)

Incindiary Norfleet

Binary Thunderball Fists

Refill Baby Maker

Double Penatrating Unkempt Harold

Ferocious Shredifier (shock)

Rythmic KerBlaster Sticky Longbow Quasar

Extra Large Deliverance (incindiary)


Twin Hornet

Doc's Striker (lvl49)

Deep Veruc (shock)

Akurate Slagga

Breach Blaster (Dahl E-Tech, incindiary)

Sticky Lobbed Bouncing Bonny (shock)

message me on XBL, gamertag APaganWiseWolf.

Thanks in advance!!

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