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looking for legendary mods (gunzerker, soldier and mechromancer)

hi everyone im looking for those mods and if you have the madhous and thunderball fist all in lvl 50 i can offer orange weapons such as:

conference call fire, shock, corrosive

infinite corrosive, shock

legendary siren, hunter

the bee

black hole shield

the sham shield

the terramorphous shield

the impaler shield


baby maker

pithcfork slag and corrosive


sledges shotgun


the bitch


umkept harold

all orange granades mods

i think i have all orange rocket lunchers

just add me my psn id: tefnakt


What are the levels and stats of your Legendary Grenade mods? I am looking for Pandemic and Homing Corrosive sticky Leech. I have all the Legendary mods you need. I am also interested in the black hole and impaler.

PSN: Quietman297


I will invite you on PSN tonight. Right now it is 11:45 AM 12/28/2012 US Eastern time. I also have the Madhous for you.

PSN: Quietman297


I have several of the Soldier class mods that I'm giving away, no trade required. Unfortunately I don't have any spare Mechro mods, haven't found a Gunzerker mod myself yet.

PSN ID: Mitsurules

Hopefully I'll see you soon! :) Mitsurules (talk) 20:25, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

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