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Lucan is ws once an ordinary magician. And he was one of the best of them. That all changed when he was criticized by a very influential talk-show host. From there, he no one wanted hire him. He kept looking for jobs for weeks, but eventually, his savings ran dry. But one night, he found out about Pandora and the need for Vault Hunters. This was far from what he wanted, but he needed the money. Besides that, it would give him a chance to showcase his skills and insure his rise back to fame. And so, he left.


Lucan is wise and calculating, but he is quite arrogant. He believes that this is a low-class job unfit for a man of the fine arts of magic such as himself. Seeing it only as a means to his ends, he wants to get everything over with stopping to help others only when he knows it will get him money or publicity.


He has a dark slightly worn jacket with a worn white suite underneath. All complete with a bowtie, an monocle on his left eye, and shoes. But above all else is his top hat. The class mod is a string decoration around the hat.

Action Skill

Magic Box

Traps you in a magical box for 10 seconds. During which, you are unable to move or attack. However, enemies are drawn to attack you and thier attacks heal you for the damage you would have taken. It also gives you a 1% damage increase per hit for 30 seconds after the box opens up. Cooldown is 50 seconds.

Skill trees

Lucan has three skill trees. Black magic, Behind the curtain, and Enchantment.

Black magic

Focuses and weakening targets giving them various Debuffs and cutting them down to bite-sized pieces for you and you allies.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Nightmare 1 5 Enemies that hit you with melee attacks have 4% of thier damage returned per level.
Dark shackles 1 5 All attacks have a 10% chance to slow enemies down 10% per level for 10 seconds. Does not stack.
Bypass 2 4 Pistols have a 5% chance to ignore enemy shields per level.
Breaking point 2 6 All attacks have a 10% chance to lower enemy defense by 7% per level for 10 seconds. Does not stack.
Double down 3 1 Critical hits have a +10% chance to inflict Debuffs.
Restrain 4 5 All attcks have a 10% chance to lower enemy damage by 6% per level for 10 seconds. Does not stack.
Hex 4 1 Sniper rifles and pistols have a +20% chance to inflict debuffs.
Blind 4 5 All attacks have a 10% chance to lower enemy accuracy by 6% per level.
Glyph 5 5 Adds an extra +2% chance to cause debuffs per level.
Curse 5 5 All debuffs last 1 second longer per level.
Retribution 6 1 Every enemy that shot at you during "Magic Box" has a 50% chance to recieve a debuff as soon as you exit.

Behind the Curtain

This skill tree focuses on several miscellanious things involving magic. If you want an exclusive gun, grenade, or melee attack, look no futher. But it also upgrades your abilities.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Pigeon carrier 1 4 Add an inventory slot and an undroppable grenade modifier. Flies straight toward targets and stuns them upon explosion for .40 seconds per level. Damage is increased by the player's level. Unselecting this perk will result in losing the modifier and inventory slot until it is re-selected.
Finger gun 1 1 Adds an inventory slot and an undroppable hand gun which is in fact, a finger gun. It has slightly low damage, but a 20% chance to inflict a random high elemental damage. Damage increases with the player's level. Unselecting this perl will result in losing the modifier and inventory slot until it is re-selected.
Sword box 2 5 While in "Magic box" you're impaled by 1 sword per level. Each sword replenishes 10% hp and give a 5% damage bonus each.
Hand picked 2 5 Increases the explosion radious of the "Pigeon carrier" by 10% per level.
Opening act 2 5 Upon exiting the "Magic box", you release a nova. Nova damage increases per level.
Pull this out of your hat! 3 1 You regenerate 1 grenade every 30 seconds and you pull one out of your hat and detonate it at the end of "Fight for your life".
Burst of magic 4 5 Melee attacks have a 3% chance per level to deal a random element damage.
Magic bullets 4 1 Every 6th shot does not use up any ammo. Nearby allies have every 12th shot not using up ammo.
Draw on it 4 5 If inflicted by any element while in the "Magic box", your attacks have a 5% chance per level to deal whatever element you were hit with most as soon as you exit. Lasts 30 seconds.
I take donations 5 5

Allies shooting at Magic box will also heal you and increase your damage by 1% +.2% per level. Thier damage is also increases by .1% per level as soon as you exit for 15 seconds.

Pistolicious 5 5 Every critical hit with "Finger gun" increases critical hit damage by 3% per level for 30 seconds. Stacks 10 times.
Magic is in the air 6 1 You and nearby allies constantly regenrate .5% hp and .2% shields per second.


This tree is focused on enchanting weapons with their own perspective bonuses.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Pistol specs 1 5 Increases elemental damage chance with pistols by 8% per level.
Sliding cartriges 1 5 Increases SMG reload speed by 8% per level.
Swarm of bullets 2 5 Increases assault rifle fire rate by 8% per level.
Potent shards 2 5 Increases shotgun damage by 8% per level.
Drive happy 3 1 Increases vehicle health and damage by 25% when you enter it.
Lucky number 3 5 Increases sniper rifle critical damage by 13% per level.
Golem 4 1 Increases max speed and health by 15%.
Magic missile 4 5 Increases rocket propulsion speed by 30% per level.
Specialized 5 5 +2% pistol damage, +2% pistol reload speed, +2% pistol firing speed, +4% pistol critical hit damage, and +6% pistol propulsion speed all per level.
Shield barrier 5 5 Increases elemental resistance by 4% per level while shield is active.
Across the board 6 1 Gives nearby allies 10% of all bonuses you've invested in from this skill tree.

Echo communications




When joining.

When intering "Fight for your life."

When reviving an ally.

When being revived.

Critical kill

Throwing a grenade

Killing a Badass

When recovering (Kill revive.)

When Magic is activated

Kill streak

Critical hits

When spotting a Badass

When ramming enemies while driving

Hitting another player while driving

Issuing a challenge

Looking at a map

Spotting items

When waiting

Leveling up


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