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XBOX360 Gamertag: Undisputed Dave

Hey y'all, I'm looking to trade some legendary stuff and get new interesting stuff! Here's what I got:


Lvl61 Righteous Stalker (slag)

Lvl61 Banbury Storm

Lvl61 Brisk Avenger (non-elemental)

Lvl61 Reactive Butcher (fire)

Lvl61 Practiceable Butcher (corrosive)

Lvl61 Two Fer Unforgiven

Lvl61 Onslaught Bearcat

Lvl61 derp Tunguska

Lvl61 Nassty Sawbar


Lvl61 Lucid Florentine

Lvl61 New and Improved Omen (shock)

Lvl61 Vengeful Stinger (shock)

Lvl61 Nasty Seeker

Lvl61 Evolution shield

Lvl61 Hoplite shield

Lvl61 Antagonist (46% dmg reduction/50% reflect chance/800% reflect dmg)

Lvl61 Big Boom Blaster (shock immunity)

Lvl61 Homing Slag O-Negative grenade (slag)

Lvl61 Sticky Homing O-Negative (explosive)

Lvl61 Sticky Longbow Meteor Shower

Lvl61 Blood of the Seraphs relic (+25%health/+0.3regen)


Lvl61 Akurate Slagga

Lvl61 Explicit Unkepmt Harold

Lvl61 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold

Lvl61 Plump KerBlaster

Lvl61 derp Nukem

Lvl61 Deep a Nukem

Lvl61 Nasty Ogre

Lvl61 Rigorous Ogre

Lvl61 Potent Thunderball Fists

Lvl61 Consummate Hellfire

Lvl61 Dandy Volcano

Lvl61 Puissant Norfleet (shock)

Lvl61 Puissant Norfleet (slag)

Lvl61 Punitory Norfleet (fire)

Lvl61 Righteous Infinity (non-elemental)

Lvl61 Purging Infinity (fire)

Lvl61 Purging Infinity (corrosive)

Lvl61 Discharge Infinity (shock)

Lvl61 Swift Sherdifier

Lvl61 Bolshy White Death

Lvl61 Razrez White Death (corrosive)

Lvl61 Ruthless Mongol (shock)

Lvl61 Practiceable Conference Call (x7 shock)

Lvl61 Practiceable Conference Call (x7 fire)

Lvl61 Practiceable Conference Call (x7 slag)

Lcl61 Practiceable Conference Call (x7 non-elemental)

Lvl61 Rightsizing Bitch (non-elemental)

Lvl61 Proactive Bitch (shock)

Lvl61 Loaded Hornet

Lvl61 Feral Veruc

Lvl61 Surgical Pitchfork (corrosive)

Lvl61 Tumtum Skullmasher

Lvl61 Two fer Maggie

Lvl61 Wild Hammer Buster

Lvl61 Rustler's Striker

Lvl61 Proactive Yellow Jacket

Lvl61 Legendary Siren class mod

Lvl61 Legendary Berzerker class mod

Lvl61 Legendary Hunter class mod

Lvl61 Legendary Psycho class mod

Lvl61 Lobbed Bonus Package grenade

Lvl61 Sticky Homing Bonus Package grenade

Lvl61 Longbow Fire Bee grenade

Lvl61 Longbow Storm Front grenade

Lvl61 Homing Pandemic grenade

Lvl61 Shock Nasty Surprise grenade

Lvl61 Sticky Longbow Bouncing Bonnie grenade (shock)

Lvl61 Sticky Longbow Quasar grenade

Lvl61 Longbow Fire Leech grenade

Lvl61 Homing Electric Leech

Lvl61 Homing Caustic Leech

Lvl61 Fire Storm grenade

Lvl61 Chain Lightning grenade

Lvl61 Magic Missile (x4 variant) grenade

Lvl61 Inflammable Flame of the Firehawk (burn immunity/nova dmg 320895)

Lvl61 Sham shield (94% absorb)

Lvl61 Alkaline The Bee shield (corrosive immunity/amp dmg+179051)

Lvl61 Skin of the Ancients (shock resist27.3%/explosive24.8%/non-element20.8%/shield cap. 29.3%)


Lvl61 Unforgiven (single shot, Jakobs grip, no sights/scopes)

Lvl61 Blockade shield

Lvl61 Mongol (non-elemental)

Lvl61 Thunderball Fists (looking for a different variant than mine)

any purple-rarity Maliwan sniper rifles (except fire) (lvl50 or 61)

also looking for specific versions of certain Lvl50 gear!

my gamertag is the same as my ID here, Undisputed Dave

send me a message on Xbox Live if you're interested!

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