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I'm level 55 and my sniper rifle proficiency stopped at 36. It hasn't increased in ages. Any ideas?

What level enemies are you killing? If you aren't fighting enemies your own level, it'll take forever to level up your proficiencies.   Uberorb Bio melt  

I just finished the expansion with Jacobs Cove. My friend and I went from level 50-55, the zombies there were all low 50s. I could see my friend's proficiencies increasing, but mine never moved.

The proficiency increase is only applied to the weapon you are using when the kills(experience points) occurred. If you used different weapons then the point value was probably applied across more weapons than your friend. Key to weapons proficiency increase is experience points . You can acquire them by yourself or in a multiplayer environment by anyone on the team. One tip here is that if you have a soldier leader mod (or a team member does) it will often increase the experience points acquired by each team member. If you're able to work the elevator for a team killing craw (I don't recommend soloing him at l55) just keep the weapon you want proficiencies to increase in hand. Find high level enemies , keep your gun in hand and go to it. The experience points needed for an increase changes as you get higher proficiencies. There's a chart on this wiki showing what's needed for each level. Player8410 16:19, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

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