Forums: Index > Item trading PS3 > Need Legendary Soldier/Infinity/Neogenator have a bunch of Legendariesto trade

I need a neogenator shield, infinity pistol, and alegendary soldier class mod lvl 50-61 im only at lvl 58 right know. I've been farming for a while but no luck anyone wanting to dup I have.   

Flakker lvl 50 (5 differant prefixs)

Large Bunny lvl 48

Legendary Hunter lvl 53

Slayer of Terramorphous Class Mod lvl 50 (for every character)

Flame of the Firehawk lvl 57

Fabled Tortoise lvl 50

The Bee lvl 49,48

Bonus Package lvl 54  (sticky homing)

My screenname is: chupsupreme

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