Forums: Index > Item trading XBox 360 > Need lvl 61 Skookum Trespasser I have many legendary guns to trade/dupe including lvl 61 Shredifier and Norfleet Xbox GT is SynystrAssassin

I am in need of a level 61 Trespasser. I did the mission but was sucked into the gimmick of the higher crit damage of the tumtum, which doesn't work. I have A LOT of legendaries to trade/dupe, including 61 Shredifier, Norfleet, Caustic Conference Call, Slagga AND Maggie, Emperor, Hammer Buster, Infinity (Caustic and regular,) U. Harold, and more. Please hit me up my Gamertag is SynystrAssassin on Xbox I need this gun!

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