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Okay, Here is my Idea for a new Element, Annihilation: This tech creates alot of radioactive interference, which disrupts the processes of the Digistruct and ECHO-devices, this leads to the weapon currently being used degrading temporarily (as the Digistruct will fix the damage to the weapon after a little while), weakening the damage that enemies do to you by 25% (Normal and True Vault Hunter) and 50% (Ultimate Vault Hunter), however any weapons with this tech consume 1 extra unit of ammo.

Annihilation is represented by a white and black glow on the weapon, and the shots fired have a white "core" with a black glow appearence, Annihilation Tech Weapons do come in E-Tech variants and can be manufactured by any manufacturer not bound to a specific element, such as Maliwan, Vladof etc.

New Manufacturer Idea: Cobalt Armories

Cobalt Armories is a manufacturer that specialises in multiple projectiles, having invented and patented "Splitter" Technology, all Cobalt weapons have a automatic projectile multiplier as standard fare, without suffering as much of a penalty for multipliers as other manufacturers, but in turn suffer from a high ammo cost, below average recoil reduction and somewhat lowered damage than most other manufacturers, having the 4th lowest damage rating out of all of the weapon manufacturers. They Produce:

  • SMGs with a 3-6x projectile multiplier
  • Pistols with a 2-4x projectile multiplier
  • Sniper Rifles with a 2-4X projectile multiplier
  • Assault Rifles with a 3-5x projectile multiplier
  • Shotguns with a +4x to current projectile mulitplier

They Also Make the Following Items:

  • Redundant Shields (These shields become invincible for 5 seconds after taking damage, but the effect can only activate once per full shield recharge)
  • MIRV Grenades (With a higher multiplier than Torgue or Bandit) 
  • "Dazzle" Grenades: these grenades fire spike/rail like projectiles in a hemispherical radius upon detonation.

They Produce the following Class mods: Key= (Stats Boosted) ([Prefix] Boosted skill)

  • Axton: Minuteman (+X% Second wind Health, +Y% Speed increase upon reviving for 15 seconds) boosts the following skills ([Effiecient]Ready, [Sturdy]Grit and [Protean]Battlefront)
  • Gaige: Labcoat (+X% Element Resistance, -Y% Negative Status Effects) boosts the following skills ([Tech Savvy]Fancy Mathematics, [Insulated]Myellin and [Mad]More Pep)
  • Krieg: Slayer (+X% Melee Speed, -Y% Knockback from hits) boosts the following skills ([Enraged]Taste of Blood, [Rampant]Fuel the Rampage and [Excited]Nervous Blood)
  • Maya: Combat Girl (+X% Movement Speed while Scoped) Boosts the following skills ([Quick]Quicken, [Techie]Inertia and [Spiritual]Mind's Eye)
  • Salvador: Vigilante (+X% Sniper Recoil Reduction, +X% Cooldown Reduction Rate per Sniper Critical hit) boosts the following skills ([Miraculous]Inconceivable, [Die Hard]Yippee Ki Yay and [Full Force]Get Some) 
  • Zer0: Saboteur (+X% Elemental Effect Chance, +Y% Elemental Effect Damage) boosts the following skills ([Sapping]Unf0rseen, [Taunting]Deathmark and [Black Hat]Fast Hands)

Special Weapons

Name (Weapon Type) Rarity Effect
Polar Star (Pistol) Legendary Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, multipliers increase as you sequentially kill enemies
Betelgeuse (E-Tech SMG) Legendary OH IT'S BIG - Always Annihilation Element, Huge magazine size (on par with Bandit SMGs) shots create small explosions, increased reload time
Heatmaker (Sniper) Legendary You best keep lyin' down mate! - Increased critical hit damage as criticals are stacked up, increased magazine size (fixed at 25).
Booty Warrior (Assault Rifle) Legendary Now we can do this the easy way, or the HARD way - Always criticals enemies not facing the wielder, Increased fire rate.
Yahtzee (Shotgun) Legendary May need TITS! and fire... - Both Incendiary and Electric Element, fires projectiles similar to the bandit saw blades, Lower fire rate, Terrible Recoil Reduction, consumes 5 ammo per shot
Widowmaker TF (Shotgun) Seraph Consumes 30 Shotgun Ammo per shot, 200% of Ammo spent is returned depending on how many projectiles hit, Somewhat lower fire rate, Massive Damage bonus

So here are some of my ideas, tell me what you think and add suggestions! Informer232TALK 22:10, January 30, 2014 (UTC)

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