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RF4 Steel Hänsel Zaph
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Revolvers and Repeater Pistols

Torgue Hänsel  

Hey? Will you play with us?

RF4 Steel Hänsel Zaph

approved by AtlasZaph talkZaph contribs

Recipient of the first Double-Frumy. See also S&S Gretel.

  • Torgue Repeater Pistol
  • +100% Melee damage; +100% Critical damage
  • Special effect: Every melee attack against the enemy is a critical hit
  • A "brother" weapon of S&S Gretel
  • Unique texture: full black color, with small silver details

If you think that this weapon along with S&S Gretel is a reference to an old German fairytale, you must know that you are only partly right. Hänsel and Gretel are one of most dangerous and sadistic psychic killers occurring in the manga/anime Black Lagoon series. If you you want to know more about these two deadly, 10 year old Romanian twin orphans, look here (Spoiler alert). Red text is a quote of one of the children. Typically, these words speak just before they want someone to slice in small pieces.

Hänsel - one of the "Vampire twins" - in fight wields a sharp and dangerous battle axe. This legendary repeater pistol is a reference to that weapon. High melee and critical damage bonuses and "always-crit" bayonet are making this weapon best melee combat in game. However, the gun itself is not a bad construction: 12 rounds, good accuracy and critical damage bonus, with poor fire rate (around 2-4). No elemental effects.

Here is also a unique special effect called "Twin weapons". If in your equipment slots there are both Torgue Hänsel and S&S Gretel, their red text changes and weapons gets a additional bonus:

Please Become Sister

  • Every melee attack against enemy regenerates 10% of your health

See also: S&S Gretel

NBlastMax 13:06, July 21, 2010 (UTC)


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DV88 Magnum Revolver

It shoots through schools

DV88 Magnum Revolver dr f

"Doc F made it for him special."

DV88 Magnum Revolver Zaph

approved by AtlasZaph talkZaph contribs

This is an homage to Joe Piscapo's character Danny Vermin from the 1984 movie Johnny Dangerously, a comic spoof of 1930's era crime/gangster movies. In it Danny Vermin pulls an absurdly long-barreled revolver out of his jacket. Vermin's sidekick, Dutch, states that "They made it for him special. It's an .88 Magnum" to which Vermin adds "It shoots through schools." This was a clear spoof of the most powerful revolver in the world (at the time), the .44 Magnum, popularized by the Dirty Harry movies playing at that time. Later Vermin states that his .88 Magnum "...goes through armor. And through the victim, through the wall, through a tree outside..."

The DV88 Magnum Revolver should be a 6-round revolver with no scope and, of course, a REALLY long barrel. Probably a Jakobs in keeping with the old-time theme of the movie. It should have no recoil reduction since a real-life .88 Magnum would kick like a mule. This shouldn't be a problem as it should do enough damage to kill low- to mid-level enemies in one shot. The flavor text should endow the revolver with the ability to shoot bullets that go through the target and damage anything behind it. This through-and-through effect may be triggered by a critical hit, a killing shot, or just by pulling the trigger. It may have the Hunter Trespass ability to ignore shields since it can "go through armor."

Created by fryguy42 - "The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything"

Hunter Sniper - Remember, if it took more than one shot, you weren't me. Fryguy42 20:15, April 22, 2010 (UTC)


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DRT-Y Harry

Did I shoot 5 bullets or 6?

A Jakobs revolver. The text is a reference to the movie Dirty Harry. It has 370 power, 5.7 fire rate, and 80 accuraccy. It has a high chance to not use ammo when shot.
DRT-Y Harry&#039;s Model 29 Zaph

approved by AtlasZaph talkZaph contribs


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Let's watch it burn

A Maliwan repeater pistol with low dmg, decent RoF, and decent accuracy. Has x4 incendiary, 100% elemental chance, and the fire doesn't go out until the the enemy is dead. Reference to the song City by Hollywood Undead. ~Ethan

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Six Shooter

Six shots, Six kills

A Jakobs revolver with high dmg, low Rof, high accuracy, and slow reload time. Always comes with six shots clip. Reference to Nazi Zombies when Takeo gets .357 Magnum he sometimes says "Six shots, Six kills". Has 200% critical hit dmg. ~Ethan

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La~ater! Peace!

A reference to Con Smith from the game Killer 7.

Since Con has 2 pistols, this Repeator pistol will have to do the work of 2, becoming much like a Dahl Hornet. However, the gun will always have 20 rounds (as his guns seem to have 10 rounds each), and will have great accuracy (90 or above) and roughly 7.0 RoF, same as the Hornet. Only differences are that it has lower damage (16x-ish for LV 61), never comes w/ a scope and can either have Shock x3-4 or no element at all. If it had no element, it will increase moving speed my 20% (shock gets 10% increase). Also, this gun has a 20% chance of stunning the enemy when health is in the danger zone (blinking red). ParadiseNigh 23:51, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

In addition, gun will always be blue w/ or w/o element, as Con's guns are blue :} ParadiseNigh 04:33, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

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Last wish

You see that red button? Never press the red button.

This is a refernce to many movies one of which the first Men in black where in the car he says never press the button, anyway what the gun would do is regular damage comes in any type masher, viper, justice anything medium damage about 1000 at high lvls. Accuracy will be around 70-90 magazine will be 10 can have any element or come with a scope rarely both, but the special thing about this gun is that it has a big red button on the handle which will have the option to press anytime but at a cost of hafe your sheild and health what the button does is the next bullet you fire no matter where will seek enemies and once it hits explodes like a nuke mushroom cloud covering about 50ft. The effect can only be used every 15min and if you use it too much the gun will have a overheat because the bullet IS made of your charecter so it will also have some special effects like if your useing Lilith it will have extra elemental damage with a decrease in DoT, Roland it will have the enemy spurt out ammo once it hits but at a loss of fire rate, Brick the bullet will have 2x damage but less accuracy, and Mordecai its accuracy will be 100% perfect at a cost of recoil increase and fire rate reduction. It can be any company that make guns but every company will have different effects and everything for the gun.

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I should not ate that last lap of donuts

revolver made of pure cooper barrel is star shaped and has a dollar sign of the part when you grab the gun, has a scope is x3 explosive has a bad fire rate and is a masher type of gun 300x25 also has bad recoil it shoots many pellets if you shoot it from decent distance like the Torgue Friendly Fire shoots a smiley instead shoots a dollar sign, the special effect is the can increase the money drop from enemy for x3 but just limited 100 1100 o drop i know lame :-p the flavor text is that in gta4 a black fat police man says that quote when in 1 star foot chasing —Preceding unsigned comment added by Mr.9000 (talkcontribs) plz dudes leave a comment

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FFV11 53P417074

Ascend, Heartless Angel

A Jakobs revolver. Has 1 dmg, 93.6 acc, 7 round clip, 5 reload rate, no elemental effects. The text makes the bullet, upon impact, send someone down to 1 hp and no shield. This does not work on bosses. However, this can not kill anyone. Weapon + flavor text comes from Final Fantasy VII. The name is 1337-speak for Sephiroth. Gamepro224 ~ Your resident no-life gamer 15:55, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

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M.B1510N Beating

This is Delicious!!

An Anshin or Atlas revolver. It is a reference to the street fighter cartoon. Vido link here. A revolver that that always has a scope and a bayonett. it has 400 power, 82.1 accuraccy, 1.2 fire rate, and a 7 bullet mag. It heals in a way similar to the Kryos' Power. Omegaironman 14:21, June 8, 2010 (UTC)Omegaironman

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R0C-KY Trainer

You'll eat thunder and crap lightning!

A Torgue repeater. It will have a x3-x4 shock element on it. 310-350 power, 99.9 acuraccy, and 1.3 fire rate. It's flavor text gives it a big magazine, like around 80, and the bullets go through enemies. The gun references the first(?) Rocky movie, where his trainer say the flavor text. Also, it possibly could be made by S&S Munitions due to the big magizine. P.S., If someone would please make the flavor text red for me, sometimes it doesn't turn red on my computer and I can't figure out how to make it red. Omegaironman 02:53, June 8, 2010 (UTC)Omegaironman

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Vorpal Revolver


This Jakobs weapon will be a beamish vorpal-bladed revolver. It will be uffish for killing the manxnome Skaggerwock, Rakkrakk birds, and the slithy Bandercraw. It will have a tulgey RoF and give +200% gyre and 150% gimble bonuses when galumphing. It may come with a mome rath or a mimsy borogove if outgrabe. May be found in the wabe. [[1]] The Frumious Fry

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Mind Reader

The stars are blazin' like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun...

This is a line out of The Killers' song Read My Mind. It would be a 2 round clip Atlas revolver with 2000% critical hit damage, lvl 61 with 750 base damage and a possibe x4 element. It would be adorned in dress patterns of a phsycic. A 4.7 scope, 96.5 acc., 1.6 rof, and if a head shot, you can see all enemys on the Echo's map. It is also vampiric. Pearlescent quality.

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T3KK3N Bison

You have made me a very happy man, and next I'll make you a dead one.

This is a quote from street fighter, the movie, which kinda sucked in my opinion, anyways it does 1 damage and 100000000000% critical hit, basically it kills anything in one shot. The downside is it has a one shot clip and it takes 7.32 seconds to reload. It has 99 accuracy and and a 4.5 scope.

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55 Mauser

You have not dissapointed me

The quote was made by Adolf Hitler on the day of June 5th, 1940, "Dunkirk has fallen... with it has ended the greatest battle of world history. Soldiers! My confidence in you knew no bounds. You have not disappointed me."

The name is minor 1337 speak as SS Mauser. SS were the eliet Nazi soldiers that originally served as Hitler's bodyguards, but then expanded during WW2 and made it's own special army; the Waffen SS. They were (literally) the best of the best Germany had to offer. Also, the Mauser (or Mauser c96) was the primary sidearm for the SS and Waffen SS.

The gun itself is very odd; It will have a Tediore Protector body much like this, but with a little magazine box like the real life Mauser (as seen here )

In terms of stats, this weapon can have a capacity of 6, 10, 20 or 40 ONLY (much like the real-life gun). Also, the magazine will be in the little ammo box as shown in the picture above. The lower the capacity, the higher the power. Also, this is the only pistol that can either be a Repeater or Machine pistol, as the real-life Mauser can go either Semi-auto or fully-auto. If you get a repeater version, you will have greater power, accuracy and recoil reduction, but if you get the machine pistol version you will (not suprisingly) get a much higher fire rate (about 1000 PRM, or 16.6 Fire rate, the same as the real life gun) and more knock-back power. The damage of this gun also varies by the type of capacity you get; less capacity = more power and vic-versa. In terms of other attributes, it can be any element, any recoil reduction, etc.

ParadiseNigh, 7:50 PM, May 27 2010

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101 corner of my eye

There ain't nothin' in this world for free

Lyric from ain't no rest for the wicked by Cage the Elephant (in borderlands opening credits). a revolver with thre round cylinder that fires in burst. lvl 37-61, can range in damage from 311-1285. Always has a scope of 2.8 or more and a 4 fire rate in burst. accuracy of 95-98. special effect besides the scope is the bullets have slight tracking ability and cause the enemise to drop a ton of money if you kill them with it. comes in pearlescant.

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808-DYLN Subterranean Blue Nailer

Don't wanna be a bum, better chew gum

A Bob Dylan song reference from Subterranean homesick blues. Me and a friend were listening to this song and it just came to me lol. I was thinking a low damage pistol like 100 or so, with very high fire rate, maybe 8-12, and 98.something accuracy with a 30 round clip. The added effect is that the bullets fired are blue pellets that stick to enemies and after you stick an enemy with at least 10 rounds (I think it should be more, but i dont know, what do you guys think?) they all explode causing high damage. Think of the needler gun in halo. It can also appear with elemental damage, any with x3 or x4. -Mellodious

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SW44 Eastwood

Blow your head clean off

This is a quote from Clint Eastwood when he points his .44 at a robber and goes ".44 magnum. Most powerful handgun in the world. Blow your head clean off."

It would be a 6 shot revolver maybe from Atlas that has and EXTREMELY low damage (max 10) but has a %1000 critical hit damage. It would have a decent rate of fire for a revolver, maybe 1.2ish. Accuracy would be decent, maybe 85 or so. Scoped.

The point is that it does barely any damage, but if you crit someone, it'll "blow their head clean off"

The SW44 comes from Smith and Wesson, and 44 from the 44 magnum. The Eastwood part i pretty straight forward

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STVH-3Y0 Solution

Are you eating a sandwich!?

You all probably know what this is from, but if you don't check out the making of borderlands, episode 1, [[2]]. I always got a kick out of that line and thought a revolver called the Solution with high accuracy, maybe 98.7, a damage of 380ish, a fire rate of 1.8 or 2.0, and x4 explosive damage. And the kick you ask? a very large explosive radius compared to most explosive weapons. And every time you shoot the gun, instead of a gun shot, it goes HEY-YO! like Steve from the video lol. Probably not too creative... but yeah. -Mellodious (PSN)

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MR-10 Plumber

It's-a me!

A Mario reference. It is a Maliwan revolver. It's bullets glow red, and slightly spin up and down (like mario's fireballs) and they bounce off surfaces. It has a high elemental chance. It has x4 incinderary, power: 300-320 , 89-95 acuraccy, and 2.0 fire rate.

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strong as the buffalo soul

a silver revolver made by jakobs that has a triangular barrel the part where you grab the gun is blue and has orange letters that say SIOUX it has a scope and shoots 2 bullets

has a bad fire rate 1.4

bad recoil

A blade made of bone that provides 200 melee extra damage

7 magazine

5408 x2

the flavor text is that on a south park chapter a indian political says "they re strong as the buffalo soul"

plz comment i care about your opinion

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Six bullets...more than enough to kill anything that moves

The Ocelot is an Atlas-made revolver that resembles an old-fashioned Colt Single Action Army. It always comes with a six round magazine, as well as increased damage and accuracy. The downsides are that it has a longer reload time than other revolvers (perhaps a new reload animation where you load each round individually, and it takes around six seconds), can never be scoped, and can never come with an elemental or masher accessory. However, this gun's really special attribute is that the bullets ricochet, but not in the slow, spiral pattern of other guns. These bullets move at full velocity the whole time (maybe even homing in on an enemy when it ricochets). The gun and its text is a reference to Revolver Ocelot of the Metal Gear Solid series, who was incredibly skilled with Revolvers, and was called a "ricochet genius". -- ClaptrapTorgueSig Claptrap icon Jakobscoveclaptrapz 01:40, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

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FVIII Leonhart & Almasy

An important note for the person putting the weapons into the categories, This is actually two different guns, One a revolver, the other a repeater pistol. So you might want to move the Almasy (repeater) to the Pistol category. Lone-Wanderer 18:36, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

Pull the trigger for extra damage

This is actually two different guns. The first, Leonhart is a revolver, Almasy is a Repeating pistol. Both will always come with a special melee accessory, and will never come with a scope. Both have the hidden elemental effect of explosive, but the effect only happens when you strike an enemy with melee. If you time it perfectly, you can pull the trigger of the gun at the same time you strike the enemy, dealing a massive critical.

Both weapons are based off of weapons and characters from Final Fantasy 8, Squall Leonhart and his rival Seifer Almasy. The flavor text is in refernece to the fact that in FF8, when using squall, you can actually fire the gunblade (which yes, it is a sword with a gun built into it) and deal extra damage. I dont see any FF references in here, so I was slightly surprised. Lone-Wanderer 03:31, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

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Golden Gun

I only need one, Mr. Bond

A repeater, with very small mag size, like 5 or less, basically it should kill everything in 1 shot, regardless of damage. So the damage on this thing could be something like 1, and any normal mob would die in 1 hit ( So no bosses or badasses), if that seems op or not even that usefull, maybe it would have the ability of crits being 1 shot kills atleast, and have 100% accuracy at all times. It should be the ultimate marksmens pistol, and obviously referencing Scaramanga, famous assasin from James Bond, don't really have a good quote idea yet, ill add one later, I just really like the idea of this gun and the idea of a fast killing pistol with small magazine size, so even if your killing fast, you gotta reload alot, basically the 100% accuracy would be so when you shoot, your shots are precise, and the 1 shot kill for criticals is the better idea, cause then you gotta worry bout making those single shots before reloading, and with a small clip size, something less then 5, you will be scrambling to put in those clutch headshots, Thats basically how i play the game already, love using pistols, its kinda sda and funny at the same time though wen you got empty several clips to the face of some lance. TreeJs 20:09, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

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The Progress is a Hyperion-made pistol, with one round in a clip. Its damage is always 1 as well, and it has 100% accuracy and a decent or splendid scope. The reload is very slow, with the base being about ten seconds. So why use it? Well, the Progress isn't designed for combat. It's ability is that, when the bullet hits something, it automatically teleports you to about a foot behind the impact point. This includes enemies, but won't function if fired accidentally far outside of the map (where you would certainly die). Therefore, it could be used for a couple things:

  1. Getting in close to enemies instantly, in position to melee them, use a low-accuracy/high-power weapon, or whatever
  1. A mini Fast Travel, allowing you to get around much easier.

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It's a trap!

Reference to Return of the Jedi's Admiral Ackbar and his famous line.
This would be an Atlas repeater that would shoot rubberized explosive greandes. lvl 61 version would be about 150-250 damage explosive x4, 1.6-3 rof 50-65 accuracy 12 round clip.

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The Noisy Cricket

Feel like I'm gonna break this damn thing

Revolver made by Jakobs it has about 2000 damage at level 61, 2 shot barrel, It has 0 accuracy except when aiming (No scope), x4 explosive (Always explodes) explode effect is blue rather than the normal color, Slow rate of fire (Almost a full 5 seconds between each shot, Slow reload (About a 5 second reload, and has a special material which it is made out of giving it a silver chrome look with a slight blue tint to the body. Thrind 05:08, May 5, 2010 (UTC)

Another Revolver inbound

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Prepare for your death, Leon

This Jakobs revolver comes with a an incredible amount of power - think about 2000 - 2500 and after a short distance the bullets breaks up into 4 full strength projectiles that have a 100% chance to daze and partially immobilise the enemy. Always comes with a 90.5 accuracy and 0.5 or 0.4 fire rate, along side a 2 round clip. Any gamer worth his weight will know that the reference is, of course, Resident Evil 4, my favourite ever game of all time and a half apart from borderlands. The main hero and platable character was Leon S. Kennedy, and the quote, "Prepare for your death Leon" is from the main protaganist Oscar Saddler, a mutated human. He says this line during the final boss fight. A Lonely Nomad 19:03, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

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CHKN Knife

A Thousand Deaths!

Revolver-Gearbox-One Round Clip-Always has a melee attachment-Always spawns with 1 dmg

The weapon is named after the Chicken Knife of Final Fantasy fame. The weapon got stronger each time you ran away, but since you can't run away in this game, it just counts the number of deaths your character has had. The reference is the old line about how cowards die a thousand deaths, which is how the gun gets stronger. Each death adds one damage or so to the counter, and ignores proficiencies and skills that increase damage. The blade itself also increases melee percentage, but it increases based on how many times you die as well. Limit should be included if need be, as someone who dies a thousand times would have a 1001 damaging bullet, with 1000%+ Melee damage, and ten thousand times 10,001 bullet damage, with 10,000%+ Melee Damage.

--DraconisOminious 06:54, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

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AGN-T 47 Ballers

Professional approved!

Tediore-manufactured guns. They appear as somewhat basic repeater pistols with regenerating ammo (like The Dove). Their unique for they are duel wielded. This has some serious disadvantages, however.

  • The Ballers cannot be aimed like other guns, as the aim button is used to fire the gun in the left hand.
  • Grenades cannot be used while the Ballers are drawn.
  • They will never have a scope, and the Ballers use a special accessory to allow duel wielding, so no melee or elemetal effect.
  • They have a slower than normal rof for Tediore weapons.

They do have some advantages that hopefully balance out with the disadvantages:

  • They have much higher accuracy than other Tediore guns as well as having slightly higher strength
  • They have built in silencers, so shots wont alert enemies
  • They do posess regenerating ammo, so they dont need to be reloaded

Based off of the trademark guns that Agent 47 uses in the Hitman series. Lone-Wanderer 17:21, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

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LBWSKI Walter's Peacekeeper

Mark it ZERO!

This is a Torgue-brand repeater pistol, and carries 12 bullets per clip. The fire rate on it will be extremely slow (1.0-2.0 maximum), but packs an extremely powerful punch, ranging within revolver damage areas without the recoil of a revolver pistol (At high level variants, estimate between 700 and 1050 damage). The flavor text provides a 300% critical hit boost. This gun cannot come with a scope on it or a blade, but has the capability of a Masher attachment. The sheer power of Torgue in the size of a pistol, that's BAD ASS!

The quote is from the movie 'The Big Lebowski', where Walter pulls a gun out on an opposing bowler, Smokey, for stepping over the foul line and not having the frame marked a 0 instead of an 8. Obviously, the gun's name also references Walter, as well as the movie.

Ryo Kasami 20:20, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

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Infinity Maser

I am the master of Oblivion

Has the same affect as the Chimera only it inflicts explosive damage as well. Has a chance to inflict multiple types of damage at once. Has 6 bullets per clip, and 750-1000 damage per shot. Fire rate is 1.6.

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Moon Beam

Moonites gonna get ya...

This reference may not be all that well known, if any of you have ever seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force you will know the moonites, this is a reference to the moon beam/blaster that one of the moonites shoots the character carl with. It would be Atlas, it would have a super slow fire rate like .01, it's reload time would also be very long, it would hold one shot and have ammo regen. Another thing to keep in mind is the projectile speed it would be so very very slow think like 1/10 of the redemption rocket speed, but the fun part, this gun would do little to no damage just like in the show it would just teleport the enemy to a different location, it would work on anything but bosses. xbox GT SinsterNobody

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Coyote Smith

Poof, your f***ed

This is a fairly easy one for anybody who played Killer7. A Torgue Revolver that deals 600x critical hit damage. The bullets travel at an odd angle, making the devastating headshots hard to pull off, for game balance.- Scorpion665

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Are you ready for this shit, my dear brother?

Quote from Boondock Saints 2 and name is reference to it as well. Would be 2 pistols (Torgue) with revolver traits, they would be duel wield which would mean you could not use grenades while in hand. At level 61: 2.5 fire rate per gun, 600(+-) damage, accuracy around 92-94, No Zoom with a 8 round clip per gun. Ability: guns have silencers which will make killing enemies without making others aware possible. Also in heavy fire fights envolving several enemies (this would vary depending on number of players) the gun would not consume ammo, allowing unlimited fire(no reload) until enemies are defeated.

Eatingleg4peanut 12:29, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

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It's coming up... Its coming up...

A rather obvious reference to the Gorillaz song Dare, in which the song starts with the lines: "It's comin' up... It's comin' up... It's Dare. It's a Jakobs Revolver with homing bullets that start off at a slow velocity, and gradually move faster as they get closer to the enemy. The special effect is that they have a 50% chance to go directly for a critical hit. It can also come with explosive elemental abilities but that's it. But the only way that you can get it to home in on your enemies is by locking on to them (aim at them for 2 seconds) otherwise, it fires like a normal revolver. It has +200% critical hit damage, 3,6, or 7 rounds, and +1000% fire rate.

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4KUM4 Mk.4

I shall teach you the meaning of pain!

A Hyperion Repeater with oscillating rounds that deal x3 Incendiary damage. Its base damage is 150 x3. The color scheme is dark blue and blood red. The name and text is a reference to Akuma from the Street Fighter franchise.-Scorpion665

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What if no one told you bullets didn't have to go straight.

A reference to a line from Morgan Freeman in wanted a movie in which the characters have the ability to bend bullets. The wanted repeater would have damage equivalent to a high powered repeater of the same level with high accuraccy and low fire rate. Basically if you have your crosshairs on an enemy who has ducked behind cover the bullet will curve round to hit him however you will have the pistol undergoe heavy recoil in the direction the bullet curves akin to the gun swipe that curves the bullet in the movie.Mysillyideas 10:52, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

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Holy Pistol


Ok, if you don't know the reference, then why are you on Borderlands wiki? This revolver looks exactly like Steve's and fires in a six-round burst with no recoil. The real perks about this gun is that it auto-targets enemies (simlar to vehicle weapon) and is an instant kill if it hits.In other words, if an enemy is killed with this, the player automatically turns and faces the next target. If there are less than six targets, it will only lock-on to the number of targets. However, against bosses, it only does 1000 damage flat but still auto-targets.Only able to use if player has killed Crawmerax.Also, when fired, Steve can be heard shouting his signature quote.

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Dual piercing fangs

Manufacturer: Jakobs

Stats: Average

Special: Shoots two red bullets, one above the other at a set distance. These bullets then spiral to create a perfect circle while they travel. These bullets have a chance to ignore shields and armor.

Legendary Part: Barrel

This is a reference to the Naruto character Akamaru, a dog that is campanion to Kiba Inuzuka. The text is reference to the taijutsu "Gatsūga" which translates to "Dual piercing fang", which describes the bullets ability to ignore shields and armor. The name "Akamaru" translates to "Red circle", which describes the path the bullets travel in. Genesis Army 03:17, July 23, 2010 (UTC)

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SuperPRO Commando

Look at that Commando lunge!

MW2 reference. Spawns as 12 ammo repeater pistol with blade attachment, no scope. Special property: lunges 50 feet toward enemy (does not stack on Berserk), movement speed increased to 120%, Melee damage 500%. Fire rate of 10.0, accuracy of 88.0, recoil reduction -50.0% 05:31, July 27, 2010 (UTC)zhant0m

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Run, run away!

(can someone make that flavor text red for me?)

Based off Demyx in Kingdom Hearts 2

It would increase your running speed by 200%, while halving all damage you deal

As I don't have BL yet (I plan on getting the GOTY edition) Can someone think of appropriate stats for this?

Also, I intend to make a weapon for each member of Organization 13

BlackSoulBlade 23:06, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

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Good Samaritan

What does it mean, "industrable"?

Reference to Hellboy's gun. The flavor text is a quote from Hellboy 2.

  • High explosive damage
  • Does 50% extra damage to monsters
  • Chance to bypass shields
  • 4 round mag with fast reload
  • Knockback added to melee

Aspade01 21:06, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

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Atlas Servant

I am the Bone of my Sword

Reference to Fate/Stay Night.

Tediore Repeater Pistol with +100% melee damage.

Special effect grants +10% bonus melee damage for every weapon with a melee bonus in the backpack.

Gains an elemental effect which varies by the element of the majority of guns in the backpack, this gun gains 1 elemental tech point for every 3 elemental guns of the majority element in the backpack (a tie is defined as both elements, meaning that with careful backpack selection one could proc all 4 elements at once, albeit much weaker versions of each element than focusing on just one).

This gun gains +5 damage (base damage of 100) for every non-bladed, non-elemental gun in the backpack.

Has 2 on-kill buffs of 100% movement speed and 100% melee attack speed. Unique part is a variant of the Lacerator accessory.

Essentially, this is a gun that will grow stronger by a factor of how much work you are willing to put into it. It needs far more effort to build around than other guns, but has the potential to be the strongest gun of all if properly grown. If you fill a maximum inventory of 69 bladed weapons (minus 3 for shield/grenade/COM) this gun gains a total of 790% melee damage bonus. If you fill all backpack slots with the same element, this gun will have a tech level of 23. If split in a 4-way tie, this gun could proc all 4 elements on a single shot, but will only have a tech level of 5. If you fill your inventory with all non-elemental non-bladed guns, then this gun will have a damage rating of 445. This gun will evolve to fit the needs of its user, and will only grow stronger as your loot pile grows! Sreza 12:10, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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Jakobs Wolf

Are you hungry, Like me?

Flavor text a reference to the Duran Duran song, Hungry Like the Wolf.

It is a widly inaccurate revolver, with an accuracy of 0.0. The clip size is six and with one pull of the trigger it shoots all six in succsession. It has a very fast reload but a slow equip speed. It has a corrosive effect of either 1 or 4, and most of the bullets in the clip are normal, and it is very rare for all 6 to be corrosive. The damage would be very high, but besides the accuracy it would have to have another weakness. The rate of fire is about 3 to six, firing all the shots in 1 or 2 seconds. It also has -50% critical hits and no extra perks. For looks it would probably be silver and have an extremely long barrell. Also the kickback is extremely strong, probably on of the strongest in the game and the sway is also very extreme as well. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

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Jakobs Callahan

Go ahead...Make my day!

The special effect would be high damage for a repeater, with a max of 1000. The more damage it does the slower the RoF, with a range of 0.9 to 3.5, determined by the magazine. The magazine capacity would range between 2 to 8 much lower than normal repeaters. Also, it may come with a double accessory but no other. This accessory would lower the guns damage slightly to compensate for the extra bullet.

The only Jakobs repeater pistol in the game. The effect would come from the barrel similar to the Unforgiven and would have the overall look of a .44 auto mag. This is all a reference to "Dirty Harry" Callahan. This weapon may need to be a Pearlescent. --Veggienatersml 14:06, March 20, 2011 (UTC)

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Jakobs Seedling

The greatest oak was once a little seed who held its ground

An Anonymous Quote meaning, standing your ground with the little you have to achieve greatness.

The Seedling is a Revolver manufactured by Jakobs. It contains only 1 shot per pull of the trigger, but deals enormous stopping power. The Seedling itself is a tiny gun which is comparative to the "Noisy Cricket" from the "Men in Black" Movies. The Seedling may spawn with the masher accessory as well as being able to spawn with many different scopes. Your Head Again and Again 09:33, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

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I thought you'd be bigger

The Roadhouse is a Torgue-manufactured pistol that shoots explosive rounds. It is a small-frame pistol, similar in model to the Chiquito Amigo, whose special part allows the pistol to deal higher-than-average damage than it's common counterparts.

The gun's name and flavor text are a nod to the 1989 film Road House in which the film's characters often remark that they thought that the main character, a "cooler" or head bouncer, would "be bigger."
Fryguysigwob 01:12, November 13, 2012 (UTC)

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Tediore Punk

Hey, Quarterback Punk!

A reference to the film, Pointbreak, starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Keanu's partner in the film says the line about his new partner before he realises it's him. This would be a Borderlands 2 style Tediore Gun. The throw range and damage would be greatly increased compared to a similar level gun, but the splash damage would be less.

Sig 2.0 04:49, November 13, 2012 (UTC)

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Longinus's Lance

They will come back in 3 days...or not.

Borderlands 2 Pistol

Level: 50

Damage: 4000

Fire Rate: 2.0

Accuracy: 90.5

Reload Speed: 3.5

Magazine Size: 9

Manufacturer: Dahl

The bullets of this gun will travel at first in a spiral trajectory until they reach the center (it takes around 1.5 seconds and 3 to 4 meters). As soon as they reach the center, they will travel in a straight trajectory with +250% Bullet Speed and +250% Bullet Damage. 3-round burst fire when aiming down the sights. Never spawns with a scope.

By Leafless (talk) 21:38, November 18, 2012 (UTC)

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