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Dahl Wildcat
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Sub-Machine guns


Tonight THEY dine in hell.

referencing 300 the movie. This Atlas gun would be X2-3 incendiary, with a huge dmg, rof, and accuracy boost when the player's health reaches 300 or below  Colonel  1   9   8   Skull   01:08, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

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DR460N Choedan Kal

Let the Lords of Chaos rule.

The weapon comes from the Wheel of Time, and is a reference to Rand and the power of the Choedan Kal, and the red text comes from a line in a children's game in the book. The weapon has a unique accessory and barrel, that is twisted and lit by five colors, red, green, blue, yellow, and white, and is representative of both the five seperate powers in the story, and the guns five effects. Each bullet has a random chance of being incendiary, corrosive, shock, explosive, or transfusion, with a hidden X5 multiplier. The gun can also shoot a normal bullet instead, or multiple types at once. The gun shows a low damage, but to represent the Choedan Kal, has a damage min-max variance of being either weak, or insanely strong but getting either end is extremely rare. The gun has a very random variable, and every fifteen minutes or so, in line with new weapons at the shop, it will change the accuracy, rate of fire, and it's reload speed. This weapon would be made by Gearbox, as the special nature of the weapon is like a gift from the heavens, i.e. the makers of the game. Would only be a level 61, and can only spawn as a pearlescent.

From yours truly, --DraconisOminious 19:10, May 31, 2010 (UTC)

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Don't tase me, bro!

An obvious reference to the smash-hit video here.

This Maliwan made gun is the exact same as a Maliwan Hellfire except that it shoots shock bullets. So yeah.... :S

ParadiseNigh, 8:00 PM, May 30 2010

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X-O Joshua

Strange game...

A reference to the movie War Games, when the computer Joshua has a very large amount of ties in Tic-Tac-Toe games with himself, and says, "A strange game, the only winning move is to not play. How about a nice game of chess?"

This will me a Maliwan-made gun with:

RoF: 6-14

Accuracy %: 80-95

Damage: 80-180 x5

Clip size: 25-70

Reloading speed: Decent

In addition to being elemental x2-4, the bullets will either form an X or an O. If it forms an X, it will be corrosive and explosive and will shoot out 5 pellets on impact in the shape of a star vertically, much like a Hyperion Nidhogg, ricocheting up to 2 times. If it forms an O, it will be shock and incendiary and will form a star on impact horizontally, and again, ricocheting up to 2 times.

ParadiseNigh, May 16, 01:26 AM, 2010.

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What a waste...

No definate manufacturer yet, but leaning towards either Hyperion or Torgue. SMG, will have a decent rof and accuracy, may come with any sights, but will only ever spawn with the unique Dragon accessory. The Dragon will have a mag anywhere from 25-35 rounds, and when you reload, however many rounds are in the mag will be lost (example: 30 round mag, 3 fired, 27 lost when reloaded) So does that mean it doesnt pay to reload with bullets in the mag? that depends on if you're being chased by a persistent psycho or not...

The Dragon's accessory allows the spent mags to become Proxy bombs. This will only happen if the mag dropped has ammo in it, if its empty, the mag wont become a mine. Unlike other mags which seem to just disappear once ejected, Dragon mags will appear on the ground with a flashing red light on top. The damage a proxy bomb can do is determined by the number of bullets in the mag, so the more in the gun, the more powerful the bomb will be. Also, the each bullet will do damage the weapon's damage, plus damage and a half; so it ends up being 2.5x what the damage is on the card. Also, that same damage number is multiplied by how many bullets are in the dropped mag. So with the example above, the weapon's damage is 45, so adding the Dragons proxy bomb effect, that 45 damage becomes 45 + 45 +23 =113 damage per bullet, x27 in the mag, equals 3051 damage done to the enemy that sets off the bomb. Also important to note, this is the damage done to all enemies, not damage spread eqaully among any enemies in blast radius (which is quite small).

Name and effect after the Dragon Assault Rifle from Perfect Dark (awesome game, worth the 800 points on XBLA). The Dragon had a scondary mode which turned it into a one time use proxy mine, so if you use the secondary mode, you lose the gun, which is where the red text comes from. The major difference is that this dragon doesnt blow up, only the mag full of unspent ammo. Lone-Wanderer 01:49, May 11, 2010 (UTC) (this post was originally mine, forgot to log on...)

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Who the **** came in front of my sun?

Torgue-Submachine Gun-Thunderbird Damage would be about 100-160 and always x2, because Thunderbird had 2 heads. It would always have Shock 4x and Accuracy would be around 75.0 because Rate of Fire would be 10.0-18.0 and Magazine Capacity would be 38-60. Thunderbird was enormous (in some stories, Thunderbird´s wingspan was over 5 km) and that´s why this red text effect.[By: Sinister5310]

Ambox warning yellow This gun is marked by Mr. Grimmjow as a weapon he is constructing (due to it being good).

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Hahaha, hehe, hahAHA! HAHAHA!

A Torgue smg, has about 150 damage at level 61, 7.0 fire rate, 65 accuracy, about a 70 magazine. The effect is that as you burn through each magazine the fire rate increases, starting at seven and reaching about 21 during the last few shots; 21 being the max, so fully loaded soldiers cant triple the already tripled fire rate.

There would be no recoil, but the gun would severely slow you down while firing. It would always be scope-less, and would be unable to have an elemental effect. Fire rate increases would still effect it, making this a ludicrous merc gun.

Rather obvious reference to my favorite villian, comments and ideas appreciated. Jakobs Employee 22:18, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

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Rock you like a hurricane!

Maliwan - Submachine Gun - Hurricane - Rock you like a hurricane!

Every shot fired from this gun will explode x3 or x4, and comes with an extended clip. Referencing the song Rock you like a hurricane by The Scorpions. A Lonely Nomad 19:00, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

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There ain't no heaven, oh boy, there ain't no heaven

Tediore - Smg - Infinite clip

Referencing the song "No heaven" by DJ champion, and is heard after defeating the destroyer. A Lonely Nomad 20:38, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

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Son-of-a-b... BOOM!

Maliwan SMG- If I need to explain this to anyone, WTH? Anyways...

Effect- When fired at enemies the, the bullets will activly seek the closest enemy to them (the bullets) within your field of vision. Bullets will do no damage until you release the SMG trigger, after which the bullets will explode, killing the enemy. Can kill badasses and bosses, but only if their health is low enough. Would use the lesser accurate barrels, and would come with unique elemental accessory, Which glows pink. Needler would also be unique for a Maliwan, as it would not have any elemental effect shown on card, but would techniqly have explosion damage.

Both MAC DADDY and NEEDLER are mine, Lone-Wanderer. Lone-Wanderer 01:59, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

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360 Degrees of Stomach-Wrenching Action

This is a Sub-Machine Gun that plays on the Anarchy's multi-shot functionality as it fires three rounds per trigger-squeeze (Remember the Anarchy effect itself only gives x3), but instead of scattering rounds, firing constantly results in a circular spread pattern creating complete circles. The stats of this weapon typically consist of a lower base damage and fire rate between 6.0 and 8.0, no elemental effect with the option of telescopic sights. The spacing of the shot pattern is equivalent to the Hydra.

Reference is the Descent series: Featuring 360 Degrees of Stomach-Wrenching Action, with the title referring to the Helix Cannon from Descent 2, which fires in a circular pattern. SpootKnight 05:19, May 2, 2010 (UTC)

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Skuttlz' SMG

Taste the rainbow

Has this never been done? Wow.

A mission reward for defeating Mr. Skuttlz, (see backstory below), this SMG will feature a randomly chosen and alternating elemental modifier, a miniscule-low attack power and perhaps mid-90's accuracy. The clip size should be 400, the number of skittles in a 16-oz bag. The trick is its +1,000% burst fire count and low (x1 or x2 at most) modifier, but Very High Elemental Effect Chance; thus creating hundreds of tiny puffs of color. It should have almost no recoil as well, lest it become unwieldly. Alternately, it could spawn with a good scope, thus facilitating the ability to zoom in, fire off a deluge of delicious destruction, and zoom out to see skittles bloom in the distance. The gun should be very colorful, perhaps with a Skuttlz logo? It'll be Maliwan, of course.

Mr. Skuttlz was a kind-hearted young candies peddler in a small Pandoran village when a roaming squad of bandits decided they had a sweet tooth. Despite the bandits' voracious appetite for destruction (and candy), Mr. Skuttlz survived, though his wife and children did not. Skuttlz swore revenge, gathered survivors from the wreckage and took the fight to the bandits by slaughtering their leader. The survivors and their newfound chieftain took to roaming Pandora, cleansing it of bandits. Eventually, however, grief rotted Skuttlz' heart as surely as his namesake rotted his teeth, and he became worse than those he swore revenge upon. The other survivors have secretly contacted you, offering a reward for putting their former favorite candyman out of his misery. MrPipperz 12:05, May 2, 2010 (UTC)

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LOTR1 Ring

My Precious!!!

S&S Munitions SMG. Has low shooting qualities but and a extended magazine that looses 1 bullet per second, makes the user invisible, but once the clip runs out, the user is visible again.

Refference to Lord Of The Rings, the 1 in the name signifies the one ring.Extertionist

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Shows No Mercy

Tediore smg referencing Captain Insano fom The Waterboy. It would be a double anarchy with twisted bullets and would have an on kill bonus to damage and rof. Fairly basic smg stats with 12 rof and 30-40 accuacy, but a 100 round clip.

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Short Circuit

Johnny 5 is Alive

Maliwan static smg refencing the movie Short Circuit. Static smg that is always a thumper variant with a 100% static chance. Everything else is basic smg properties.

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To make room for the tuna!

Flavor text is reference to invader zim's GIR

An smg with a high fire rate(7-12), low accuracy(probably about 50), and a large clip(about 60-70). It only does 0-10 damage on enemies based on their level(a level 5 guy will only take 1 damage where as a level 60 enemy will take 10 damage per shot.)

So with such low damage why use it? WELL.... Since G.I.R. obviously emptied the clip to make room for the tuna, only a few actual shots are left for you(like a 6-10% chance you'll get one). Each of these shots will do extra damage, like hunters lethal strike? skill, probably 5xx-7xx each.

TUNAAAAFlippos21 08:13, July 15, 2010 (UTC)

Lol i was thinking about a good gun that would have to do with GIR and i came up with this....COMMENT :)

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Torgue BA001 Thrasher

Thats one angry bird!


Manufacturer: Torgue

Power: 74-331

Accuracy: 74-87%

Rate of Fire: 12-15

Ammo Count: 44-76

Elemental abilties: Any element 1-3X

General Info:

An updated, pearlescent version of the Gasher, with better accuracy and a higher rate of fire. Shoots in 5-round increments like the Dahl Raven. Shots have a tight spread when fired from the Thrasher.


A Thasher is a small bird known for their harsh chirping. The concept of the Trasher, was designed to be the SMG equivalent to the Dahl Raven. The text is a reference to the popular moble phone game, "Angry Birds". It may also be a reference to the film "The Birds" directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
—Preceding unsigned comment added by Trail blazer (talkcontribs)

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It'll cut you down...

Info- Manufacturer: Dahl Power: 213-345 Accuracy: 45-82% ROF: 15-19 Ammo Count: Always 80 Elemental Abilities: Fire 2-4x Trivia- The gun's name is not a reference at all, but the description is a reference to the Johnny Cash song "God's Gonna Cut You Down". -SMSHRMK1

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It'll go right through ya

(don't know how to change colour of text to red)



Accuracy: 93.5

Rate of fire:14-18

X4 corrosive(every shot will be corrosive)

The DPS will be 100 and the corrosive, as well as 20% of the bullet damage will always go through the shields. The title is to do with the hunters trespass skill to go through shields and the red text is a reference to alcohol as some people say "it goes right through me"Xv MusTanG vX 17:11, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

Comments / Suggestions The S&S philosophy: Betelgeuse = big clip = slower reload = slightly better accuracy = enhanced tech == I WIN!

Red text description: Refering to the BIG clip S&S offers which got even bigger by it's unique part being it's mag.

I'm just going to gush right now... (no offence):

HX 1000.3 Malevolent Betelgeuse

My Betelgeuse

User:Mr. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

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De Arimasu



Shoots yellow and red stars and

when reloaded, the gun exploads, shooting out star shaped shrapnel, which does not hurt the


Borderlands 2 Level 50 drop

Damage: 6000-6300

Accuracy: 93-96

Fire Rate: 8.3-9.5

Reload Speed: 2.3

Magazine Size: 30-45


The gun should have a green body and a yellow sight. It should have a silver ball at the end of

the barrel, like the guns in Sgt. Frog.

This gun is a reference to Sgt. Frog and the fact that Keroro says "De Arimasu". —Preceding unsigned comment added by DemonicWaffle (talkcontribs)

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Trout Laser

Shoot her! SHOOT HER!!

Enemies shot by the Trout Laser shall smell slightly of trout for at least a little while. See also: Gundarr - "Buzzundarr (Ep 29)".
Fryguysigwob 23:21, November 16, 2012 (UTC)

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Chocolate Thunda

My two favourite things

Torgue Sub Machine Gun Damage: 560 - 847  Accuracy: 88.7 - 93.5 Fire rate: 12.0 - 16.0 (Toggles) Recoil: Low Mag SIze: 80 Reload Speed: 2.6

Torgue SMG that has a fast ROF and an elemental pattern similar to the Chimera. Every 20 bullets it shoots 2 bullets at the cost of 1. This particular bullet is of a random element. (Keep in mind that one mag never contains two of the same element). Rate of fire increases when mag capacity drops below halfway (Similar to the mechromancer's 'The Better Half' Skill). 

Name is a reference to 'The Cat in the Hat' where the Cat refers to Thing 1 & 2 as many different names, one of which being CHOCOLATE THUNDA. Red text refers to Thing 1 & 2.

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