Forums: Index > Item trading XBox 360 > Open for trade/dupe and I need a LEVEL 61 HELLFIRE SMG

I have most of legendaries and half the pearls (2 copies of the butcher) levels 60 or 61. This includes lvl 50/61 legendary class mod's for almost every character (minus Psycho) as well as a handful of assorted legendary weapons/equipment of lower levels, mostly levels 20-30 and 50's. I AM LOOKING FOR A  LEVEL 60 OR 61 HELLFIRE SMG. Scorch is just not dropping it for me, which is a shame because he dropped a level 48 hellfire for me months ago. I'm on the xbox platform, GT: trogil1. Thanks!

Trogil1 (talk) 01:52, May 21, 2013 (UTC)

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