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lv 50 Neutralizing Hornet
lv 50 Lady Fist (double & corrosive)

lv 49 Basic Deliverance (shock)
lv 49 Gentle Deliverance

lv 48 Perma-Sharp Baby Maker (bladed & shock)
lv 50 Social Bitch
lv 50 E-tech Tediore SMG (slag)

Sniper Rifles:
lv 50 Pacifying Pitchfork (shock)
lv 50 Surgical Pitchfork (slag)
lv 50 Dandy Volcano
lv 50 E-tech Vladof (fire)

lv 50 Protection (+30% shields)
lv 50 Tediore Allegiance (+30% damage & +70% magazine size)
lv 50 Vitality (+50% health)

lv 47 Rolling Thunder
lv 50 Kiss of Death (shock & x6 child grenades)

lv 48 Fabled Tortoise
lv 49 The Bee
lv 50 Inflammable The Bee
lv 46 The Bee
lv 29 The Bee (good for later parts of 1st playthrough)

I'm looking for high level Legendary class mods, Neogenator, Nasty Surprise, Striker, or E-tech Tediore Rocket launcher, though open to other oranges.

PSN ID: rubyhawk

Rubyhawk (talk) 09:49, November 9, 2012 (UTC)

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