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Hi everyone this is my first post here so please excuse anything I get wrong with this

I am currently bringing my new Mechromancer character up the last few levels to level 50 and was wondering if any of you could give me a bit of help deciding on gear (weapons mostly) and getting level 50-61 versions of some of the items I'm after

Here is the build as it is at level 50 (I havent fully decided on the UVHM skills)

This build focuses mainly on Discord, shock damage and co-op tactics with DT

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the build

And finally here are some of the items that I think would work for the build and will be looking for (I havent used all of these and I as such I would apreciate it if you could tell me if they would be a bad choice)

Weapons (Due to the skills assume shock element if aplicable):


Conference call

Thunderball Fists

Lady Fist (Cant find a shock one for the life of me)




Skullmasher (Im not sure about this one, higher accuracy if possible)

Baby Maker


Yellow Jacket

Other weapons (like my trusty Hawkeye) will be used as well but I can get those easily enough myself

Grenade mods (going mostly for crowd control if you want to add to this list)


Storm Front

Crossfire (Shock)


Black Hole

Evolution (This is mostly a situational thing, I'll use the black hole for the most part)

Hide of Terramorphous (Again situational)

Thanks for any help you can provide with this

P.S Having a quick read through this post I can tell that there will be some questions about some things that I havent covered fully, I will answer all of those questions as well I just dont have the energy to type them at this moment

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