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Hey I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry if I mess up but please feel free to correct me.These are some Items I'm looking for. PSN: Stevenmars.

Level 50-Hammer Buster

Level 50-Sledges Shotgun

Level 50-Striker

Level 50-White Death (hate to burst your bubble, but you have two of these already. After patch the White Death was renamed "Lyuda" Grindfest (talk) 14:33, February 22, 2013 (UTC)) (Completed)

Level 50-Longbow (I have one of these I can dupe for you. Msg me on PSN - Lazarus900 Grindfest (talk) 14:33, February 22, 2013 (UTC)) (Completed)

Any Siren head

Any Commando head

Any Gunzerker head

These weapons are all level 50 and are up for trade.

Conference Call (Potential-Fire) (Restructuring-Electric) (Practicable-Corrosive) (Reactive-Fire)

Infinity (Discharge-Electric)

Deep a Nukem (Explosive)

Lyuda (Zammechat-Slag) (Skorry-Corrosive, No Element)

Veruc (Feral-Fire)

Skullmasher (Skookum-No Element)

Hornet (Twin-Corrosive)

Gunerang (Peppy-No Element)

Norfleet (Puissant-Corrosive)

Slagga (Cuting-Slag)

Maggie (Two Fer-No Element)

Flakker (Desperate-Explosive)

Hellfire (Guileless-Fire)

UnKempt Harold (Double Penetrating-Explosive)

Thunderball Fists (Binary-Electric)

Pyrophobia (Pertinent-Fire)

Kerblaster (Rigorous-Explosive) (Stabbing-Explosive)

Shredifier (Ferocious-Electric, Fire)

Mongol (Turbulent-Explosive)

Gub (misles-Corrosive)

Emperor (Skirmish-No Element)

Baby maker (Guaranteed-No Element)

Logans Gun (Maximized-Fire)

Bitch (Social-No Element)

Longbow (Contingent-Fire)

Pitchfork (Suppressive-Electric)

Volcano (Monstrous-Fire)

Invader (Venture-Corrosive)

These Shields are all Level 50 and are also up for trade.

The Sham


Fabled Tortoise

Flame of the Firehawk

Hide of terramorphouse

The Bee

Grenade Mods

Homing Electric Leech

Sticky Homing Bonus Package

Homing Fire Bee

Stick longbow Bonus Package

Longbow Storm Front

Homing Pandemic

Sticky lobbed Bouncing Bonny

I'd like to swap my Sledge's Shotgun for your shock Shredifier.    Just sent you a note on PSN    Cvdd (talk) 21:15, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

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