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I haven't been on the forums for a very long time and some how my Roland and my DLCs got hacked and deleted. So I started a new game with a lvl 50 Siren and is currently on my second play through. I am looking for five things for someone to dupe for my Siren. I usually don't beg but I don't have anything that good to trade, since I lost my DLC; I lost my collection of pearlescent weapons.So I would be extremely happy someone would dupe any of these for me. I don't know if any1 on here remembers me but I can tell you I'm not gonna scam you in any way because that would make absolutely no sense. Leave your psn down below and the stats of the item and I'll reply back sometime. I'm on usually on the weekends some time between 12-6p.m. eastern time. Thanks! PSN- JackieCI-Ian

Items: Below lvl 50 and No DLC

-Mercenary Class mod with good SMG Damage and good SMG Ammo Regeneration

-Hellfire 180+ damage and 10+ Fire Rate

- Anaychy SMG 200+ damage and 10+ Fire Rate

- 1500+ capacity shield

- lvl 6 Siren artifacts

Items that would I would also be happy to accept to keep just in case I get the DLC.

-Hardened Ironlad which I believe the best is 2950 capacity

(note: I do have a 3200 something Ironclad that's I belive too high level for you. Still willing to give for some level 30 orange rifles, trying to get my Roland up)


I'm sorry if I mentioned something that doesn't exist. MINI JACKIE CHAN 19:43, September 19, 2011 (UTC)MINI_JACKIE_CHAN

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