Any one willing to help would be really appreciated :D

Forums: Index > Item trading PS3 > PS3- Looking for a legendary class mod or pretty much any lv 50 ledgendary in exchange for a level 50 hornet and level 48 Baby Maker

It would help if you included a PSN tag or a user name or something. Get me those and I can help. Have a handful of legends I can dupe for you, full set of Slayer mods, Legend Soldier and Hunter, Slagga, Corrosive Invader, Volcano, Infinty, Shredifier, Hide of Terry, Nukem, KerBlaster, Unkempt Harold, Bonus Package, Rolling Thunder, and more, all lvl 50 EXCEPT Legend Soldier mod, lvl 49. Mech-Romance (talk) 15:10, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

My PSN Username is TheKiltedNinja, feel free to send me a message with what exactly we'd have to do, i'm a bit new to this :), All this would be an amazing help by the way :)

Duping instructions are a bit much to relay over a PSN message. Duping is all about save file manipulation. First, have the player with the item to be duped as the host, then have someone else join the game. It can even be another of your game files on the same profile provided you have two controllers. Have the host give the item to the guest, then have the guest leave. This will save that character's game. Then, have the host quit to the PS menu, not the BL main menu. This will end the game without saving, so the next time you load your game, it loads the last valid save which will still have the item in your pack. I have tested this and it works every time, but if you want to test it, just buy a POS gun or shield and test with that so you don't accidentally delete anything good. Also, note that the guest can't give anything to the host during this process, or the item will be removed from the guest's pack, and that state will be saved, then the host will leave the game without saving that item in their pack. I accidentally deleted a Vladof Blaster doing this. Shoot me a message at ZombieFreak8790 if you still want to trade. Mech-Romance (talk) 22:26, February 11, 2013 (UTC)

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