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I have many level 61 weapons from all the dlc's and campaign!ThunderGuns (talk) 19:42, June 26, 2013 (UTC)

If your looking for a sandhawk, I have every element level 61 and a version with non. I also have in my possesion a modded xp relic, infinity pistol, a pistol that shoot norfleet, and a few more up my sleve. I have a carosive resistant bee (61) and a Sham (61).

If you have any questions or requests leave a comment and I will reply as fast as lightning!

Ask me what your looking for/what I have you want, and anything you might have to trade, if not I will just give you what you need!

Im looking for weapons from the latest Tiny Tina DLC, but only level 61.

Also looking for Gunzerker skins and heads!

PSN- southparkparty

tell me your from wiki or I wont except.

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