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9:20 PM 11/25/2012

I am looking for a Level 50 Caustic Infinity Pistol.

For this I am offering:

One Legendary Sniper — Level 50 Liquid Pitchfork (w/shock)

One Legendary Assault Rifle — Level 49 Veruc

One Legendary shotgun — Level 47 Sledge's Shotgun

All three guns for one Level 50 Caustic Infinity pistol.

My name on PSN is Quietman297.

I'm actually in the process of farming one of those for another fellow Wikia member, so if I get another one, I'll give you a ring. Abyss Raider (talk) 17:38, November 28, 2012 (UTC)


2:03 PM 11/28/2012

Dear Abyss Raider.

Greatly appreciated! (I would also be fine with a Slag Infinity if you happen to come across one)

I'm usually online evenings between 7pm  11pm Eastern Standard Time (US, Canada), or most of the day on Sundays. I will send invite when I sign on. If there's anything I have that you might want or are looking for, please let me know. Thanks much,


Greg (Quietman297 on PSN)


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