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Hi All,

I'm looking for Heads and some Lvl 61 weapons/gear. Please message me if you have interesting for trades.

My PSN ID: szekit10 

I'm looking for


Zero - Unreality (get from Bunker)


Class Mod

LV61 - Legendary Siren Class Mod

LV61 - Legendary Berserker Class Mod



LV61 - Infinity (Shock, Incendiary

LV61 - Conference Call (Corrosive, Shock, Incendiary)

LV61 - Avenger (Shock, Slag)

LV61 - Norfleet (any element)

LV61 - Storm (Shock)

LV61 - Interfacer (any element)

What I have

Class Mod

LV61 - Legendary Hunter

LV61 - Legendary Soldier



LV61 - Avenger (Incendiary, Corrosive)

LV61 - Infinity (Corrosive)

LV61 - Conference Call

LV61 - Volcano(Incendiary)

LV61 - Shredifier (Shock, Corrosive)



LV61 - Hoplite

LV61 - Evolution


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