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my PSN is OverlordLC87, i am currently looking for a LOT of skins and heads, but also the Infinity and the Bee, and just about anything that is dupable and legendary. i currently have the Legendary Hunter mod, the legendary Siren mod, the Skullsmasher, and Maggie. I would be happy to dupe those for anyone as well. Message me either here or on psn to contact me, im usually on BL2, and id be happy to hop into co-op wherever a level 50 Siren may be needed.

Update: thanks to another, i have also collected the Bee, all of the Terramorphous Mods, all 4 different element Conference Calls, and a Volcano. again im still all but too happy to help anyone who needs these items.

New Update: i now have a ton of orange items. am  just looking for oddities and a legendary mechro class mod now. but any oranges should still be brought up to me, and i am always willing to share my wealth to others.

i am REALLY looking for  level 50 Buffalo or Elephant Gun.

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