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Here's What I have (all lvl 61 unless otherwise stated):

New Stuff towards the bottom of the page


Lucid Florentine

Feral Seraphim

Crammed Devastator

Bladed Tattler (shock)

Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold

Two For One Gunerang

Predacious Norfleet (shock)

Severe Shredifier (fire)

Hornet (two variants: one with increased accurace & recoil reduction; another with faster fire rate)

Gob (two variants: Dubble and Misless)

Invader (two variants: fire and vanilla)

Large Bunny (fire)

Monstrous Volcano

Purging Infinity

Evisceration Thunderball Fists

Bulets Go Fasterfied Slagga

Social Conference Call

Two Fer Maggie

Skookum Skullmasher (lvl 60)

Desperate Flakker (lvl 60)

Sledge's Shotgun (lvl 60) Have lvl 61's of these three see below

Rugged Mongol (corrosion)

Refil Baby Maker

Akurate Madhous! (corrosion)

Stinkpot (lvl 59)

Rappid PRAZMA CANON (corrosion

Class Mods------

Legendary Siren (lvl 60)

Legendary Mechromancer (lvl 60)

Legendary Soldier

Legendary Hunter (lvl 58) Lvl 61 now available

Grenade Mods-----

Longbow O-Negative (fire)

Sticky Homing Bonus Package (x10 child grenades)

Homing Fire Bee

Sticky Homing Bouncing Bonny (lvl 60, shock)

Sticky Homing Bouncing Bonny (slag)

Chain Lightning

Rolling Thunder (lvl 60)

Rubberiezed Electric Leech

Longbow Quasar

Incendiary Fastball

Explosive Nasty Surprise





Big Boom Blaster (15.8% booster chance)


The Sham (86% absorb)

Blast proof The Bee

Grounded Black Hole

Whisky Tango Foxtrot (13.2% booster chance)

Rough Rider


Praticable Butcher (slag)

Onslaught Bearcat (corrosion)

Deep Bearcat (fire)

Dastardly Unforgiven (lvl 59)

>-----What I am looking for (lvl 61's please)-----<

Shock Infinity (lvl 60 would be nice too)

Fire Norfleet

Double Rubi w/ a scope



Shock Hail

Pearls that aren't listed (or an improvement on my Unforgiven)

Rare drops from expansions

Purple lvl 61 allegiance relics which have 2 stats found some on my own, now for trade.

Certain things that aren't listed, message me about it, I'm cool to dupe for things I don't have.

also in your message say you're from the wiki if you don't mind.

PSN ID: rubyhawk

Rubyhawk (talk) 03:29, July 19, 2013 (UTC)

I'll trade a level 61 Loaded Unforgive for the Predacious Norfleet. Victyko (talk) 15:13, July 19, 2013 (UTC)

I'm also interested in the Neogenator and Grounded Black Hole.  I have a Practicable Butcher (Shock), Onslaught Bearcat (Vanilla), Dandy Storm, Patriot's Stalker (Corrosive), Deep a Tunguska, Perma-Sharp Avenger (Vanilla), Expandified Sawbar, and Loaded Unforgiven.  All are level 61. Victyko (talk) 15:20, July 19, 2013 (UTC)

interested in the volcano and the hunter mod, as my friend request will state, Informer232

Message me about it. I don't seem to have a friend request from you Rubyhawk (talk) 03:51, July 25, 2013 (UTC)


I have new inventory!


Bayaneted Gob

Punctilious Thunderball Fists

Sidewinder Striker

Klook Skullmasher

Basic Deliverance (fire)

Swiss Deliverance (fire)

Barking Volcano

Bad Touch Flakker

Casual Flakker

Potent Flakker

Sledge's Shotgun (corrosion)

Dobby Lyuda

Dobby Lyuda (corrosion)

Dobby Lyuda (fire)

Zammechat Lyuda (slag)

Turbulent Mongol (fire)

dippity Nukem

Deep a Nukem

Bustling Bunny

Rigorous KerBlaster

Stabbing KerBlaster

Impetuous Hellfire

Apt Hellfire

Analytical Bitch

Corporate Bitch (slag)

Bustling Bunny

Deft Emperor

Akurate Madhous!

Skewering Shredifier

Prudential Pyrophobia

Wild Hammer Buster

Boss Hammer Buster

Reactive Conference Call

Bowie Maggie

Onslaught Veruc

Feral Veruc (shock)

Refil Baby Maker (corrosion)

Patriot's Infinity


Guaranteed Avenger

Class Mods:

Legendary Hunter

Legendary Mechromancer

Grenade Mods:

Sticky Lobbed Fire Leech

Sticky Longbow Fire Leech

Sticky Longbow Bonus Package (x9)

Lobbed Bonus Package (x9)

Homing Bonus Package (x10)

Rolling Thunder

Sticky Homing Quasar

Lobbed Fire Bee

Lobbed Pandemic


Fabled Tortoise


Whisky Tango Foxtrot (two other variants: 13% and 13.2% booster chance)

Allegiance Relics:

Vladof (Damage and recoil reduction)

Dahl (magazine size and burst delay)

Hyperion (damage and max accuracy)

None of these are modded, they are the result of my insane searching for a shock Infinity. Sigh.

Rubyhawk (talk) 03:51, July 25, 2013 (UTC)

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