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Hey  Guys, so i'm wondering if this is not the best place for this kind of post, but i'm doing it anyways.

Ive recently added 30$ to my psn wallet and i am going to purchase krieg when he is released, along with some other characters liek the mechro mancer aswell (ive heard third dlc character rumors?)

I have some decent gear for them, including a leg psycho mod and mechro mod, but once i get them itll be awhile before i can use them, so i was wondering if the forum had any power leveling tips? i know of the rakk in the vault of the warrior can level you pretty fast, but i lost my second controller and cant leave it while i'm at work.

ALSO, there are some modded weapons items floating around online, and i recomend selling them or passing them on, I am positive Gearbox will release a patch removing them soon enough. (i personally just trow them of sanctuary)

Regards, DJFCloud

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