I believe gearbox is gonna start cracking down on all the modders. At least that is what they said in multiple interviews. Also they are using the same building engine to randomize the weapons, but there will be more parts to each weapon. 21:55, September 17, 2012 (UTC)Duckandrun101
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okay. to start. yes i AM new to this wiki. NO i am NOT new to modding guns. i have been using gearcalc during my entire gunsmith career on bl. now to the questions.

1. how EXACTLY is the damage for guns calculated?(im not good at math. put it in idiot terms)

2. to what degree will the game accept custom guns without causing a save to be damaged to the point of no return?

3. where can i find a page that tells me what modifications each part has?(ex. fire rate, damage, and/or accuracy give/take)

-Fingers Mahoney

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