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Hello fellow Borderlands players. I'm looking for help with Invincible bosses in UVHM. I am level 61, have a varied amount of legendaries and a few pearls, follow my link, Dupe Please for a list of my equipment, but am still not able to defeat the Invincible bosses, other than Terra. So I was wondering if anyone, primarily a Siren with res that can help me defeat them. :) I try to get on at least for a couple hours after running after work every day, which is around 6pm Central Time. So if you are interested in making a party and beating some Invincibles, add me on PSN at Takeru132.ジョーイラグーザ (talk) 14:47, May 17, 2013 (UTC)

Try killing Pyro Pete, he's actually a lot easier than Terra. All you have to do is just dodge his AoE-blasts and as long as you do that, he can't really deal any damage at all. With a combination of Sand Hawk/Pitchfork and the Bee shield you should be able to solo him without any difficulty. There's also tons of guides in youtube that have specific instructions on how to beat this or that boss. I hope this helped atleast somehow. TornMosaic (talk) 12:04, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

As true as it is to defeat him easily, I'm looking to defeat others than Pyro Pete. I'm talking about the Raid Bosses from Sir Hammerlocks, Hyperious, and Vermivorous and such.

Hyperious is easy is you have an Assassin. Go into the Sniping skill tree and use the bore skill. Use singularity grenades to bunch up his minions and use the Sandhawk or Hardold to shoot through his minions

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